Sunday, April 8, 2018

Baptism Blessings

 Baptism for Isaiah John Wilson
March 31, 2017
Prince of Peace Lutheran Church
Springfield, Virginia.
 Sometimes there are 
wrangling diversions.
 But, water and 
get things done.
In the name of the Father, 
and the Son and the Holy Ghost.
 Mom and Dad- 
Sara and Joshua Wilson
with Levi and Isaiah.
Grandmother Deborah Wilson 
with parents- Sara and Joshua.
Big Brother Levi practicing his smile.
Grandfather Michael Wilson
joins the family.
The Wilsons and grandparents- 
John and Connie Denninger-
Papa and Gigi.
Grandpa Chuck and Granny

Sponsors- Jess and Dan Meier
(not pictured- Victoria Wilson)
The assembled Denninger crew.
Thankful we could all be together
 for this very special celebration.
two captured by Papa
Aunt Laura grabs a quick snuggle.
 And why - YES
it just might take 
 4 photos to see
all of their faces.
The blessing of a
 Holy Saturday Vigil Baptism.

 Baptism Blessing canvas made
 by Isaiah's mom and Gigi
Faith chest gift from 
Prince of Peace Lutheran Church
They gift each baptism 
with a remembrance FAITH CHEST.
 Baptism certificate
Worship folder
After a big day you sometimes
 just need to snuggle with daddy.
Isaiah John-
Welcome to God's family!
You are a blessing.

Some post-Baptism photos-
Isiah on the quilt made by 
Great Grandma- Florene Denninger.
Isaiah on the blanket that was 
Gigi's (Connie) Baptism blanket.
Isaiah on the quilt made by 
Great Great Grandma Ella. 
The Baptism Shell Gift 
form Prince of Peace Lutheran Church.

And just a little snuggle with
Flying Squirrel Douglas.
A snuggle is always good with
 Big Brother Levi.


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