Sunday, April 29, 2018

Spring Time- New Life

It seems like spring blooms 
just help me to get a new lease on life.
After long winter gray days,
 I tend to forget. 
There has been the 
"every year of my life faithfulness".
  Spring has come to the world- 
each and every year.
Not with some wimpy staggering 
into a season transition,
but the herald of full color panorama.
It might be the 
trumpet of the White Easter Lillies,
or the tiny-petaled phlox 
and the burst of tulip drama.
I have been sorting through the "piles of life"
 today and came across notes 
from a conference that I attended 
with storyteller Kate McCord.
I really like these thoughts-
"Spiritual practices can help us lean into Christ 
and focus on God's love. 
Looking backwards in our lives develops
 our sensitivity to see, 
especially if we focus on seeing 
God's love and goodness 
in the day that has passed. 
Facing the now with Christ, 
helps us to prepare for the now- 
looking for Christ in the moment.
As we grow in our relationship with God- 
we need to focus on this "storying" relationship."
This ties in to what we spend 
so much time in teaching about visual faith-
our "spiritual amnesia".
We need to find spiritual practices
 that work for us-
our own IEP.
Then we have systems, 
with the help of the Holy Spirit,
 that help us 
remember God's Faithfulness. 
Then, we can better share our stories.
A review of the days passed helps us 
lean into "truly living" in the present days.
He does truly refresh my soul.
I see that in His Word,
and all the sprinkles of the gifts of
spring time- new life. 


  1. Love this! I think I will come back to this insight and encouragement a few times!

    1. everything seems like it gets renewed in the spring time!


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