Saturday, February 23, 2019

Worship into the Week- Blessed

Worship into the Week-  
Luke 6: 17-23
Lectionary C

Jesus Ministers to a Great Multitude
A great crowd of his disciples,
 a great multitude of people
 from all of Judea and Jerusalem
 and the seacoast of Tyre and Sidon- 
they all came.
Because Jesus was there in the Galilee.
They came to hear him and to be healed.
Those with unclean spirits were cured.
All the crowd tried to touch him,
 for the power cane out from him
 and healed all of them.
Simple. Dramatic. Truth.
These miracles opened the door for him
 to share words that would change their lives.
The Beatitudes.
Turning the way to act and think
 and treat others upside down.
The very law of human interaction
 was to be "changed".
Just as they knew their former self before healing-
 that was their "old life".
This was the beginning of their "new life."
No turning back for those who heard
 and listened with their hearts.
A new code of ethics
 was set stage for the followers of Jesus.
The reward would not be here on earth,
but a heavenly reward.
Rejoice in this new day.

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Thursday, February 21, 2019

The Extravagant Love Cruise-2

Sometimes you just 
don't know how life gets sliced.
I don't think I would have been able
 to put together
 the opportunity to go on a cruise 
with a daughter and a sister.
Part serendipity- all blessing.
Then you add in my co-hort
 in and out of trouble- Pat.
A great grand mix
with all sorts of long-time and new friends.
Then celebrated MY Birthday on the cruise.
 Now I can say I went on a cruise for my birthday.
I am sure we were celebrating my birthday
with those beverages.
 The server at our table also had 
the same birthday so we cheered together.
The evening dining was slow and pampered. 
I even figured out how to do the cruise 
with my new life as celiac and going gluten-free.
                                                          (photo Pat Maier)
Our dining level overlooked this tier 
and that chandelier made me 
have more than one Titanic thought.
We had custom-made days off the ship 
with made-to-order skies,
 warmth and breeze.
The brilliant flowers flung
 the Winter doldrums far away.
It was amazing to scoot by another ship
 docked in Jamaica as we set sail. 
I will not complain about parking again.
I also loved how easy 
it was to find your way back
 to the Independence of the Seas.
Even I didn't have to ask for directions.
Daughter Sara helped with technology.
A phone call
 from hubby John who called-from Myanmar
(previously Burma)- for my birthday,
taking selfies and keeping us on track
 for our schedule and the internet.
There is just something about island life.....
And what fun to share in faith...
when the Christian ladies 
overtake the Ship's Top Floor Bar.
Thank you Lord, for the opportunity
 of another amazing life experience.
What a blessing.

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

The Extravagant Love Cruise- 1

So when you have imagined an experience
 for two years in advance-
it is hard to imagine that it is here and over....
 Right into the pages of your Bible........ 
                   (photo Pat Maier)

As a first time cruiser-
it is really challenging to understand
 the scale of this ship.
L-Wendysue Fluegge brought Worship and Music to this event.
R- Author Deb Burma brought her love for God's Word to share with all of us.

Having Fun and Learning Together
 as First time Cruisers.
The Visual Faith Team -
L- Connie  R- Pat Maier
shared Doors into Prayer 
to share Visual Faith practices.
There was great learning time together.
Meeting in the evenings with other Visual Faith coaches
in the Windjammer was a highlight.
We delighted in making IN REAL LIFE connections.
And sharing our part of the Visual Faith story.
So thankful for this gathering of
 Visual Faith coaches who joined us
  for the Extravagant Love cruise.
Some faces are fuzzy 
but you might be able to find yourself
 or the face of a new friend.
This is the "official" photograph
 that I purchased for this event on the cruise.
Now to pray over all of these blessed women of faith.

Monday, February 18, 2019

A Birthday Blessing

Birthdays are pretty awesome.
They mark the gift of days
 and months and years.
This year I was blessed by a special
 birthday tribute from my three daughters.
I was leading on the Extravagant Love Cruise
and on February 13, there was a very special highlight.
We have honored time together with the practice 
of noting the event by Bible Journaling together 
the same verse or an appropriate verse.
Isaiah 58:11 was the verse 
chosen by my daughters
 and journaled as a birthday blessing for this year.
Right in their own personal Journaling Bibles
I was given this gift "on ship" right 
before a morning Bible Study session.
Youngest daughter, Sara, 
was also on board and explained
 the surprise to the rest of the cruisers in our group.
I am blessed beyond measure.
And very, very thankful 
for this birthday celebration. 

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Worship into the Week-Uncharted Waters

Worship into the Week
Feb 10, 2019- Lectionary C Reading
Gospel Reading- Luke 5

Nothing will be the same 
after this mandate from Jesus.
 No going back.
Uncharted territory.
They only know how to do 
what they have already done.
No they have no idea how 
to do march with the new charge.
No wonder Jesus tells them not to be afraid.
That is scary.
Catching men?
With nets?
With WHAT?
This Good news Gospel is rather nebulous.
What does this LOOK LIKE?
How is contained and carried?
How do you handle it?
We now have the experience
 of the ultimate shareable GIFT.
Time to pray about these uncharted waters
with a humble, teachable heart.

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Thursday, February 14, 2019

Heart to Heart

 This is the season of hearts.
Vintage gatherings and creations.
Here is a glimpse of the bits of devotion....

In this is love, not that we have loved God but that he loved us and sent his Son to be the propitiation for our sins.
1 John 4:10 ESV

We love because he first loved us.
  1 John 4:19  (ESV)

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Worship into the Week- With Authority

Worship into the Week-
Luke 4: 31-44
The people who heard Jesus
 read the Old Testament Scriptures- KNEW.
The reading was done by one of AUTHORITY.
There was more PASSION and CONNECTION 
and POWER in the Scripture 
that Jesus read than in EVERYTHING 
they had ever heard before that time.
And they were ASTONISHED.
Such a wonderful word to express
 just what THE WORD should mean for each of us.
This section has pretty high drama 
with demons and many hearings.
The short walk from the synagogue 
to Simon's house had crowds 
following him wherever Jesus went.
ALL of Galilee had heard about this man.
The one the demons recognized as the Christ.
Not normal day to day events 
around the Sea of Galilee.
It is right to remember that our days
 are also turned upside down 
because of the relationship 
we also have with the Son of God.
That's a shareable drama story in its own right.

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