Wednesday, July 18, 2018

The "Where I'm From" Psalm

The Home Place
My Growing Up Farm

The photo is a bit wonky since I took a photo
 of a photo in a frame on my hallway wall.
But, it gives the setting for the
"Where I'm From" Psalm.
I wrote this back in 2010 
and have been looking for it everywhere.
On computers and hard copies.
No luck until today-sorting piles.
 I had learned about this type of Psalm
 at a Renovare conference.
 The Psalms were written as story-songs,
and though this may not be sung,
it is story.
So, sharing it here so that it is "filed."
It follows a fill-in-the blank format 
that was given to the class that I took. 
We were to describe a growing up summer
 from when we were 12.

"The Where I'm From" Psalm

I am from 4-H Clubs, from Central Soya
 and home canned peaches.
I am from the farmhouse with black shutters,
 guarding the slightly leaning Civil War barn,
 and dew-drops glistening on the catalpa branches.
I am from soybeans, massive pink peony bushes,
 black walnuts, and tasseled-out corn, 
purple lilacs and dusty gravel roads.
I am from fast-pitch softball and loyalty,
from Aunt Birdie and Riebelings and Grafts.
I am from repaint, reuse and cherish
and spin out and hang on the clothesline.
I am from "crooked, tilled rows never make
 themselves straight"
and "spritz, roll and freeze" 
before you iron those sleeves.
I am from Lutheran, Lutheran, 
that good ole', no smiles Missouri Synod.
Neighbor, neighbor, ain't we all?
I'm from Ossian and the Preble Low-Dutch Germans 
and pluckets and that hot potato salad.
From the gentle, caring nurse that excelled
 in foot rub healings, 
and the "30 and out" factory-worker farmer,
 and the whirly-gig grandpa.
I'm from iron plank bridges 
across phlox covered ditch banks,
 log and branch huts along the creek, 
and the back-forty land laid open
 in cultivated ridges
 of acres of black gold dirt.

Constance Laine Graft Martin Denninger
March 2010

Monday, July 16, 2018

Enduring Word Bible- Found

Enduring Word Bible- #12

Luke 15:24
The prodigal Son-
and the prodigal God.
Wasn't until about 10 years ago
 I read a commentary on this story-
that changed everything.
It was a look at that word- prodigal.

1.spending money or resources 
freely and recklessly,
wastefully extravagant.
That was surely the son.

2. having or giving something 
on a generous, lavish scale.
Unsparing, liberal.
 That was certainly the father.
That is our heavenly Father
 with each of us.

I love seeing how this moves 
in the story back and forth.
Oh, and every time I read this story-
what a blessing to be reminded of 
that lavish love for ME!

Enduring Word Bible
Prismacolor pencils
Micron pen

Drawing out, extending the Image.
Sometimes a margin looks a bit unfinished
 because of the standard size. 
I simply found an image on this design
 that I could replicate to bring the design
 to the top and bottom of the page.
 Now it finishes the column.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Enduring Word Bible- Words Unfailing

Enduring Word Bible- #11

1 Samuel 3-
The Lord Calls Samuel

I think verse one would resonate with folks today-
"the word of the Lord was rare in those days."
We can jump on the bandwagon with that one.
But, they didn't have the written Word
 as we do today.
We must not forget what a gift that is for us.
His Word is ever present and accessible.
Samuel and Eli had a bit of a communication issue.
Took them awhile to straighten that out.

But, they get on track.
And Samuel grew.
Eli nurtured.
And the Lord kept His Word.
None of His promises fell short, 
or fell to the ground unheeded or unfulfilled.
After all, the Promise Keeper
 has to do just what He says.
And all of Israel from Dan to Beersheba
knew that Samuel 
was established as a prophet of the Lord.
Somehow this story sets
 in my mind differently after 2 times
 of visiting Dan in the land of Israel.
It's a real place where real people lived, 
loved and served the God of Israel.

Enduring Word Bible
Distress Ink- Scattered Straw
Prismacolor pencils
Micron pen
Clear Stamp Block
Dab some of the ink on the clear block.
Do not stamp directly on your Bible.
Always place another sheet of paper
 under the Bible page when you want
 to use any kind of ink.
 This is to protect the page below
 and your Bible edges.
Then press lightly on Bible page.
 Reink clear pad if necessary.
Wipe off block with baby wipe.
Let dry and continue 
with any colored pencils
or additional doodles.

Friday, July 13, 2018

Enduring Word Bible- A Mighty One

Enduring Word Bible- #10

Zephaniah 3:17

Perhaps a cheer and shout
 for the family of God.
A reminder that we are His-
Saved by the Mighty one.
We are rejoiced over and exalted over.
We are quieted by His love.
 Take a deep breath.
Blow on your finger.
Lift your head.
Move on out.

The Lord your God is in your midst.
And I take that as close enough
 to lean your head on,
 take a hand,
feel the warmth,
breathe the scent.
Right nigh, near, beside.
And as all the strife of this world
 wails and blows-
A mighty one will save.

Enduring Word Bible
Prismacolor pencils
Micron pen
Washi tape
Illustrated Faith- Wordfetti
Assorted cardstock scrap shapes

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Enduring Word Bible-Strength and Shield

Enduring Word Bible- #9

Psalm 27:11
Psalm 28: 7
 Interesting when two favorite passages
 fall on the same page.

"Teach me, O Lord,
and lead me on a level path."

"The Lord is my strength and my shield;
in him my heart trusts, and I am helped;
my heart exalts,
and with my song I give thanks to him."

A Prayer.
A Reflection.
Marking the Spot.

Enduring Word Bible
American Crafts- Bible Journaling supplies
Micron pen
Colored Pencils

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Enduring Word Bible- Sing for JOY

Enduring Word Bible- #8

 Isaiah 24:14

I have a hard time reading parts of Isaiah-
actually much of Isaiah.
This Chapter brings doom and gloom
and isn't  
anything very easy to read. 
Resorting to Matthew Henry's Commentary
 for some help:
 "The promises that are mixed 
with the threatenings are intended for the support
 and comfort of the people of God
 in those very calamitous times.
 ... represent in general the calamitous state
 of mankind, and the many miseries 
which human life is liable to, 
especially those that attend the wars of the nations.
 Surely the prophets were sent, 
not only to foretel particular events,
 but to form the minds of men to virtue and piety,
 and for that end their prophecies were written 
and preserved even for our learning. 
... Now since a thorough conviction 
of the vanity of the world, 
and its insufficiency to make us happy,
 will go far towards bringing us to God, 
and drawing out our affections
 towards another world, 
the prophet here shows what vexation of spirit
 we must expect to meet with in these things, 
that we may never take up our rest in them,
 nor promise ourselves satisfaction
 any where short of the enjoyment of God.
 In this chapter we have:
 I. A threatening of desolating judgments for sin (v. 1-12),
 to which is added an assurance 
that in the midst of them good people
 should be comforted (v. 13-15). 
II. A further threatening of the like desolations (v. 16-22),
 to which is added an assurance 
that in the midst of all God should be glorified."

Can see where they ended up on verse 14 
for the margin in this section.
Hope and Joy lifted up 
to the Lord with a shout!

 Enduring Word Bible
Micron Pen- 03
Prismacolor pencils
(and the other one doesn't list
 a color name- maybe Hot Yellow)
rub gently on page 
and then blend with a baby wipe
Washi Tape


Friday, July 6, 2018

Enduring Word Bible-Be Humble

Enduring Word Bible- #7

Matthew 23:12
These introduction verses lead into the
 "Woe to you" section in Matthew.
The new Enduring Word Bible
 has the words of Jesus in red.
 I don't think there is another 
journaling Bible that has that feature.
That makes this easy to see this is a 
significant exhortation of Jesus 
to the Scribes and Pharisees.
It is a lesson that Jesus 
speaks over and over to his disciples-
be humble.
Words that I need to see
 over and over myself.
The foundation for 
"servant leadership" principles.
And as I have said before- 
it is never a good thing 
when Jesus is speaking- 
"Woe to You" and you are the recipient.
A good thing to keep the -Be Humble- 
as a daily mantra.

Enduring Word Bible-
Concordia Publishing House
Derwent Inkiness Coloring Pencils
(added a bit of water to the swirls
 to get a more "watercolor" effect)