Sunday, December 10, 2017

Advent Visual Faith- Week 1

This year for Advent I am 
experimenting once again
with the practice of praying in color.
Here is week one of the
 4 calendars I am using. 
 I matched up 4 devotionals 
and chose 4 colored pencils
 to use for each of the pages.

 This page is using Pat Maier's calendar 
found on the Visual Faith Ministry website.
Visual Faith Ministry products
I paired it with the Chad Bird devotional- 
Glory to God in the Highest
 from Creative Communications.
 This is Sybil MacBeth's calendar
 and Trevor Hudson's Pauses for Advent.
What is the one Word 
from this devotional?
                                             This is Bev Wicher's calendar
 and a devotional called 
Moving Toward the Manger 
with the writings from Frederick Buchner.
 For this calendar I am adding 
Advent prayers for each day.
This is another of Sybil's calendars 
and Jesus- God's Promise-
excerpts from the writings 
of Henri J. M. Nouwen.

It is NOT to late to download
 and print one of these calendars
 and catch up on the 
Visual Advent journey for 2017.
It is always a delight 
to see just where the 
Holy Spirit takes the journey.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Advent Waiting

Working to keep a focus right now.
 Focus is just what is kind of hard. 
In recovery from first cataract surgery. 
And a check up today says 
there are a couple of unforeseen things. 
More tests tomorrow.
 Next surgery is up on Tuesday.  
Need more information.
Can't see close up and can't see 
distance too well right now.
 Glasses don't work.  
Readers don't work.
So that is all I have to say...
trying to keep a sense
 of calm anticipation.
 Lord, in YOUR hands. Amen.

Monday, December 4, 2017

Visual Faith- The VRSLY Project

The roundup for November.
My images.
 My journey.
With words of affirmation
 or encouragement.

His truth

My reality

My response- Give Thanks!

 With the gift of the cross
 in the center of it all.


Saturday, December 2, 2017

Advent Eve

 A lovely event today -
Saturday, December 2, 2017
as we gathered on Advent Eve Day
at First Baptist Church
in Springfield, Virginia.
An Advent Brunch.
Time to reflect, pause and ponder as we 
Await the Wonder 
of our Advent- Christmas 
We talked about how the Christ Child 
meets us in the mess of life, 
as we struggle to find margin space for Him.
Our prayer is that as we take the time
 to adjust expectations,
 we will be met with grace at the manger.
 We explored some Visual Faith
tools and practices.
We tried some exercises
 that help us to slow down, 
pay attention 
and deal with distractions.
What might our Advent journey
 actually LOOK LIKE
 if we take the time to tell the story?
Can a simple Word a Day 
help us to see what 
the Spirit is nudging at our soul?
Can these experiments draw us
 into a richer prayer life ?
Or enfold us into the the narrative
 of the story of God's Word?
Each person must find their own plan,
 discipline and challenge.
Our own personal Spiritual Formation plan-
 Individualized Education Plan.
Some collected Advent devotions,
 coloring books and reflections.
(Most found on Amazon)
 This group includes 
The Season of the Nativity
by Sybil MacBeth,
 and a downloadable and printable devotion
 by Illustrated Children's ministry.
Devotion books from 
Creative Communications for the Parish.
Some of the Advent calendars
 and the ADVENT-urous tag project
can be found on the 
Visual Faith Ministry website.
 Check out the project section 
and the free resources.

A thank you to Julie Zimmerman
 and her team for such a well-planned
 and enjoyable time.
May their Advent walk be blessed.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Thanksgiving- Grandwonders

Thanksgiving Day- 
University Lutheran Chapel-
Ann Arbor, Michigan
with the Schumacher Family.
Eleven month old- Gordon
It was also a Thanksmas 
with this family as we won't
 see them for Christmas.
Tearing paper, contemplating dinner,
finding hidden snacks, 
and singing "O, Christmas Tree."
So there was also clothes basket rides.
Griffin- the pilot- tried out a ride
 on "airplane momma."
He liked his new animal flannel sheets.
Griffin and Poppa 
side by side in the kitchen.
Time to make some 
handprint ornaments.
Jack- the boy and his car.
Jack trying out the 
vintage French bread baking pan
 as a sorting tool.
Levi had some outside 
play time in Virginia.

These 4 Grandwonders-
our Thanksgiving blessing-
as well as every other day.
So we don't really know 
about the cause for a shirtless 
Thanksgiving or a napkin hat,
but it was part of a grace day of celebration.
So we truly give thanks
 for His goodness.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Bible Marginalia- Belonging and Hearing

Bible Marginalia Series- #273

Reading in John.
Verses 42-59.
Contemplating closed ears.
Closed hearts.
Jesus always going against
 the flow of the norm.
Actually called the devil.
And murderous hearts.
As well as promise 
and HOPE and
eternal life sight.
Oh, Lord, I am so thankful 
that one of the things
 I will never see is eternal death.
On this day of a cataract surgery-
 I give thanks for that
 and the beginning of sight renewal.
That's a trust walk.

Tried out a few things from 
this Bible Journaling resource.
Some great smalls 
and vellums in this book.
Easily workable into whatever
 you might be journaling.
Always good to try something new.
A simple way for an effective 
pause to hep remember.
Here is the link:

Colored pencils
Fine-point Sharpie pen
Assorted stickers - Trusting in God

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Bible Marginalia- Jesus Lives!

Bible Marginalia Series- #272

1 Corinthians 15:3-4
At the end of this Thanksgiving week
 I find that one of the things
 I am most thankful for
 is the very fact that Jesus Lives!
All that is to come- 
and is now hinges on this fact.
As we honor this last Sunday
 of the liturgical year-
and think about the end times,
we know that Jesus is coming again!
Thank You for this gift 
of our eternity in heaven with you!

Pat Maier Margin Printable
Pink Distress Ink
Colored pencils
Various gel markers
Fine-point markers
Fine-point Sharpie pen- non bleeding