Saturday, February 18, 2017

First Birthday Party- Levi Michael

Levi Michael is ONE.
His momma planned 
a wild animal party.
And decided it would work best
 to host it at Papa and Gigi's house.
She found cute party hats.
Animals were growling 
and roaring at Target
 that they wanted to join the party.
 They got little hats too.
  She found photos of Levi
 for each month of his first year.
She painted jar lids and little animals
 with white paint
 and filled them with animal crackers.
 She gathered healthy snacks
 for the young ones and toddlers.
A Costco sheet cake got sprinkles galore.
And a small SMASH cake from the grocery store.
Stuffed animals held court and
whispered secrets to Levi.
Levi's Granny had a banner made,
and we made the lemonade. 
The balloons arrived,
 and the high chair was high-fives.
Yea- we kinda knew the name of the 
young man of the hour.
10, 20, 30, 40, 50
 people were invited.
And they all came.
They flew in from New York and Orlando.
They drove from Fredericksburg and Frederick.
Levi celebrated at day care.
With his friends right there.
Little man we give thanks,
you have stolen our hearts.

Friday, February 17, 2017

New Orleans-Here and About

Some favorite spots 
in a recent trip to New Orleans.
Hotel Monteleone is a family-owned
 and operated hotel
located at 214 Royal Street
in the French Quarter of New Orleans, Louisiana.
The Hotel includes the only high-rise building
 in the interior French Quarter.
Built in 1886 in the Beauz-Arts architectural style
with an eclectic flair, 
Hotel Monteleone is a historic landmark,
and a member of the Historic Hotels of America.
Hotel Monteleone's Carousel Piano Bar & Lounge
 is the only revolving bar in New Orleans. 
The 25-seat carousel bar turns on 2,000 large steel rollers,
 pulled by a chain powered by a one-quarter horsepower motor
 at a constant rate of one revolution every 15 minutes.
. The Carousel Bar celebrated its 60th anniversary in July 2009,
 having been originally installed in 1949.

Iconic Jackson Square
The Cathedral of St. Louis-
 is the seat of the 
and is the oldest cathedral in the United States
The first church on the site was built in 1718; 
the third, built in 1789,
 was raised to cathedral rank in 1793. 
The cathedral was expanded 
and largely rebuilt in 1850, 
with little of the 1789 structure remaining.

The Bible of St. Louis, the King of France,
 belonged to him between 1226 and 1234.
Life in the Middle Ages is revealed 
through the images presented in this codex.
Because of its unique properties
 it was allowed to be copied in 2000.
The original is in Spain.
 In the lobby of the Sheraton Hotel
 on Canal Street is the Rodrigue Steinway.
New Orleans artist George Rodrigue
 is best known for his blue dog series.

After sharing the piano photo on Instagram
I was surprised with the above - Thank you-
 from the hotel.
A wonderful view from the hotel 
and the Mississippi River boat traffic.
( I love how this photo captured
husband John's image in the window.)
The #1 tourist site in New Orleans is the 
World War II museum.
The beginning of the story....
the idea was to have a D-Day museum.
That opened in the summer of 2000.
In 2004, an Act of Congress 
changed it to the World War II museum
 in order to tell a fuller story of this time in history.

My friend Pat, 
resting for a moment with FDR.

The movie is worth the time to watch.
We spent about 4 hours at the museum.
An overwhelming amount of information
 at the museum
 truly highlights the gift of living here
 in the Untied States.
And we pray that the world 
will never experience 
anything like that ever again.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

New Orleans -Dining Love

Starting out with a New Orleans tradition.
Time to dine here?
                                                                                 (photo from website)
Super Bowl Sunday.
 No reservation.
No waiting.
 No problem.
(It filled up later on.)
Loved the Crabmeat Yvonne.
An early birthday Celebration.
 Breakfast at Brennan's
Where they created Bananas Foster.
So you might need to have that-
 even for Breakfast.
housemade English muffins, 
coffee cured Canadian bacon,
 hollandaise, marchand de vin sauce
And fun to celebrate with a friend-
 who is having a very special birthday.
We were gifted 
with our own Brennan's apron.
                                                                                  (photo from website)

Brennan's has a courtyard-
 with flowers and a turtle pond.
A pleasant Winter evening 
under the lights and full moon?
Try The Court of Two Sisters.
Ah - that French bread.
Had to try the Shrimp and Grits. 
And a walk to Cafe Du Monde-
a New Orleans institution-
Chicory coffee and beignets-
 since the early 1860's.
(Our first attempt in getting there was during
 the tornado that hit New Orleans.
We hurried back to the hotel and returned later on.)

Bourbon House-
trying out their signature beverage-
Frozen Milk Punch with 
bourbon and a touch of nutmeg.
And an impressive Bourbon display.
                                                                                      (photo from website)
Redfish on the Half Shell
Bourbon House
Creole House-Right on Canal Street-
the beautiful boulevard.
Great if staying at the Sheraton Hotel-
 this is right across the street.
Creole House
                                                            (photo from website)

Stop in for Shrimp and Grits-
anytime of the day.
And an evening on the Natchez 
was the perfect New Orleans tradition, 
for a view of the Crescent City.
 Yes, the paddle wheel really does turn,
and you get to greet others
 along the Mississippi River.
Buffet dining aboard.
Steamboat Natchez

All in all, a fun dining experience
 in New Orleans.
 And probably special enough to mark all 
celebrations for the year!

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Gordon John- Child of God

So our newest Grandson-#4- 
Gordon John Schumacher.
He might have a nickname brewing.
Yea- that flash man.
 claimed by Jesus
a child loved
Preparations for a special day.
With water and the Word
baptized by Grandpa John.
Sarah and (Thad- absent) Sankey
Emily and (Stephen- absent) Blank 
Thanking God for the surrounding
 of faithful friends and family.
Love the Rose window at
 University Lutheran Chapel
 Ann Arbor, Michigan.
Grandma Decker 
was a part of the special day.
Wonderful to have so many of the Decker family
 joining us for the baptism.
Papa and Gigi 
with the Schumacher family
Daddy Joshua's sister- Emily
 joined us from Las Vegas Nevada
Family friend- Sarah Sankey 
has been second mom
 to Griffin as his caregiver.
great to have the Meiers
 join the celebration-
Sister Jessica, Dan and Jack
The new little Schumacher family
Laura and Joshua 
Griffin and Gordon
The Sankey brothers,
big brother Griffin and 
cousin Jack-
looks like this will be a
 force to be reckoned with in the future.
Sister Jessica 
Cousin Jack and 
We give thanks for the 
blessing of faith-
one generation to the next.

And give thanks that 
Gordon John has been granted
 the gift of faith 
through the waters of Baptism.