Saturday, May 23, 2015

Garden Whites

I am heading out to the garden
 to work this morning.
 Right now I am loving the white 
and cream flowers in the garden.

Unusual for us to have May days without
 high humidity and temperatures that melt me.

I keep the snow on the mountain-
 well- OK- it runs rampant-
 just for the lacey flowers of this month.
 Like Queen Anne's lace.

 I try to bring a bit inside as I can.
 To set among the table things.
Seeing what is gathered here -
All Hail the Power of Jesus' Name.
Think that will be my morning prayer -
pulling weeds this day.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Bible Marginalia- Continue Steadfast- Listening Prayer

Bible Marginalia Series- #94

Our District church was in convention last week.
 A busy week.

Meeting people. A time for encouragement.

I had nothing to do with floor committees, 
resolutions or amendments.
 Or Robert's Rules of Order.

So I sat a prayed over the convention.
We used listening prayer in our convention time.
 Chosen Bible pages to read, listen,
 read and then pray over together
 for the sake of the voting - 
and the sake of the KINGDOM.

This section in Colossians 4:2-6
was the guiding overall prayer to lift up.
Let your speech be gracious.
 Walk in wisdom toward outsiders.
Some very fine thoughts here.

There were readings for each of these sections:
 The invitation to Listening prayer.
 Thanksgiving for the Mission of the Synod.
The District Vision of iNeighborhood.
For the Work of the convention.
For 75 years of Mission
 in the Southeastern district.
All sections followed the same format:
Listen:  The reading
Reflect: With guided questions to help.
Read Again.
 Later: how might this impact you?

Rules for Christian Households- 
that just might hold up
 for Convention gatherings also.
 My husband John was reelected as
 President of the Southeastern District - 
Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod
 at this convention.
  Time to listen close
 to just what the Lord has in mind 
for His Kingdom.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Bible Marginalia- Going Horizontal

Bible Marginalia Series - #93

In Daniel Here. 
Thinking about living counter- cultural-
 no matter the cost.

The beginning of the time of
 dream interpretation.
 Not too sure of the future ahead.
 Living in a land-
 where the majority did not follow the Lord.
Thinking about how that just might
 mirror living in the world today.

But, our God is to be blessed forever-
 after all- 
He is the one that changes times and seasons.
 He is kind of a BIG DEAL.

Here is one done in Advent Blue.

I like lettering in the margins in the horizontal.
Most of my margins are about lettering anyhow-
 since I can't draw worth a hoot.
 I simply draw 4 wavy lines across the margin.
Then begin lettering to fit the space-
lots of good examples out there.
 I have been doing this for scores of years- 
just because I generally 
like what it ends up looking like.
 In other words- 
I find this easy and very forgiving.
You can mix up small and capital letters. 
You can have your lettering
 reach the top - or NOT.
You make up the rules.
 Then I like experimenting
 with coloring in the spaces. 
 Some times all one letter are a certain color. 
 Sometimes I just pick 4 colors
 and use them in order. 
The previous post
 also show a horizontal margin.

This one has lines drawn to fill in with color
 and added lines in the spaces.
Also a simple way to mix it up a bit.

Try switching the flow of your writing-
 you might be surprised
 what comes out of a series of words.


Mostly colored pencil
 and Black Fine-Point Sharpie pen

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Bible Marginalia- The Lord builds the house

Bible Marginalia Series- #92

Psalm 127
There is a retreat center in Richmond, Virginia
 that has this verse painted
 in the altar area of the small chapel.
Every time I am there
 and pray over the city of Richmond,
I am reminded that is our calling.
Each of us- to pray over the city.
Like we have been praying
 over the city of Baltimore.
Where prayer calls the Lord
 to watch over the city.

This section also has words to encourage parents.
That the gift of children
 are a heritage from the Lord.
A gift to be treasured.

The margin lettering is inspired
 by the work of Joanne Sharpe.
Her book of lettering styles
 and helps certainly makes the cut for 
the creative library.

Colored pencils
Zig Memory writer pen

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Bible Marginalia- Bleed-Through Helps-2- Envelope Wraps

Bible Marginalia Series- #91

I see from the posts that get
 a lot of traffic that many are looking
 for help with bleed-through issues
 in their Journaling bible.
So I wanted to share with you
 all a very simple HELP.

I hadn't even heard of them before.
Apparently a really cute way to send snail mail.
I came across them in an Amazon feed
 buying another item.
I purchased a set to see how they worked. 
It was hard to tell if they were really
 the right size or not.
They are perfect for my Bible.

Here is a 2-page spread using some from the same set.
They are self adhesive and the size fits exactly in my 
Crossway single column ESV journaling Bible.
(One of the Bibles you can hardly find right now.)

Tried to find the link for this exact one.
They don't seem to have this one right now- 
but this is similar.

This one has the cute border
 and flowers all ready to go.
I just added in nuggets from what I was studying.
Some stern warnings here to the hypocrites
 about observing traditions 
with the same honor as the Commandments.

This section in Matthew- 
the discussion of what defiles a person.
The writing does not go through to the other side-
 even using a Fine-poing Sharpie pen 
which does have some bleed-through.
It also did not affect the journaling
 on the other side of the page.

Here this worked quickly and simply in Isaiah.
Some of the wraps in the packet 
have words like- SEND TO, etc.
I plan to just cover that with washi tape
 or stickers 
or something
 and will still be able to use all of the wraps in a set.

This comes from a chalkboard set.
 Apply. Stamp- Remember This!
and He is Faithful lettering!
Simple and DONE.
Blackboard envelope wraps

This was from an earlier post.

So another simple and doable way 
to deal with margin bleed- through.
Order packets with friends
 and share the different designs.
And a great help to the NON- ARTIST.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Spring Beauties


Psalm 57:11

Be exalted, O God, above the heavens;
let your glory be over all the earth.

This verse certainly speaks
 to me in the Spring.
God's majesty erupts from the earth.
 His creative touch on all things.

Tree peony 

Lily of the Valley

Miss Kim lilacs

Knock out Roses


Pink Azalea

 and out about in the neighborhood---Iris

 Thank you for the sure sign, Lord,
 that you move the seasons of the year
 and bring us again to GROWTH.
 May this time of year- remind me also- 
of your desire for me to grow- in YOU.

Sunday, May 10, 2015


So there is so much honor in mothering.
And gifts that unfold as years float over space.
And deep breath prayers that melt hearts.
Now grandmothering stirs love in deep crevices.
Remembering the journey- so quickly tracked in days.
The prospect of changes and challenges lurk in the edges,
because I know that we hold them all loosely, 
with gentle sway.
The King of the Universe claims them all- 
we are just blessed with the loan.