Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Bible Marginalia-God Abides in Us

Bible Marginalia Series- #294
Love Letters from God

 1 John 4:12
"No one has seen God,
if we love one another,
 God abides in us
and His love is perfected
in us."

Pretty straightforward instructions here.
Pretty complicated in the follow through.
I am very thankful that God 
does the part of gathering me in first.
This is a set of the margins I am 
working on from the free resources
 at Visual Faith Ministry.
love-letters-from-God margins  
My large print ESV Bible
 gives me plenty of space 
to add in a margin 
and even secure with washi tape.
I just spend time coloring as I can, 
praying the verse into my day.
Then time to start another one.
No big deal to come up
 with my own image.
Just print, color and pray.
That's simple enough for most everyone
 to add to their devotion time.

margin printable- VFM
Colored pencils
Plain blue cardstock
Washi tape

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

A Convention in Prayer

 The outside of the prayer center 
at the LCMS Southeastern District Convention
 in Hickory, North Carolina.
  The Joanne Fink wrapping paper 
served as the beginning
 for the prayers for churches, 
circuits, pastors and delegates.
Throughout the year at SED events 
many people have added names and prayers 
and colored in the images in prayer time.
Visual Prayer becomes story.
Tables at the back of the conventional 
had prayer pages ready for people to stop by
 for a bit of prayer time. 
There were also Concordia Publishing House
 donated Bible margins 
from the new Enduring Words Bible 
for people to color and take. 
Bible verse cards 
were used to pray for and bless those
 who served us at the convention hotels.

 The convention delegates participate
 in 4 --15 minutes sessions using Listening Prayer 
and a section of Scripture 
for discerning God's Will in the convention.
Conventions can be a challenging order to keep in line with the ticking clock.
By using the hour of prayer time- 
the convention adjourned 2 1/2 hours early.
The Scripture was read around
 the individual tables 
and then discussion 
and finally prayer time for each of the sessions.

At the preconvention dinner 
hosted by St. John's Lutheran Church
 in Conover, North Carolina, 
the Vice Presidents and Board of Directors 
prayed over John and convention proceedings.

I am very thankful that prayer 
is such a central focus 
for how we live together, 
approach ministry and give thanks to God
for His great care and blessings.
May the Glory be His!

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Third Term

Convention Preparations
for those gathered for the 
LCMS- Southeastern District Convention.
Hickory, North Carolina
May 10-12, 2018
 We prayed for the churches, circuits, 
and Pastoral and lay delegates.
Tables were also prepared for those 
wanting to spend time in prayer for
the convention proceedings. 
Prayer cards were available to 
pray Scripture and bless others.
 There are a lot of deadlines,                         
procedure guidelines, 
and meetings and meetings.
(And Hundreds of things 
that I have no idea about.)
Getting all the things transported this year
 from Alexandria, Virginia 
to Hickory, North Carolina
is a big job.
Visuals in the
Exhibitor's Space
I don't talk a whole lot 
about this special guy 
I am married to--John.
He was elected to serve a third term 
as the Southeastern District President.
He leads with a servant leader heart.
(a term is 3 years 
and this district has a 3 term limit)
 Joining him on the stage.
 I am blessed to serve beside him.
Giving thanks in prayer.
So is this a Jesus photo bomb? 
When we were sent this photo, 
it was funny how the banner behind us has 
Jesus with a raised hand of peace
 over our shoulders.
The theme was  
"Let's Go Fishing" 
from John 21:3.
Time to throw the net 
on the other side.
 I'll go with you.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Bible Marginalia- Rock, Fortress, Deliverer

Bible Marginalia Series- #293

Psalm 18
It is certainly wonderful good news
 that our Father 
has a multi-list job description.
He is my strength, my rock,
my refuge, my shield,
my salvation, my stronghold,
and my deliverer.
I received this beautiful margin 
created by Pat Maier 
from Concordia Publishing House.
It was part of the materials 
to promote the new 
Enduring Word Journaling Bible 
coming out soon.
Here is a link for ordering the Bible-
We are very excited about 
this new resource.
We look forward to sharing 
the journey along the way.

Printed margin- CPH
Colored pencils
Washi tape
Fine-Point Sharpie

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Bible Marginalia- Be My Witnesses

 Bible Marginalia Series- #292
Acts 1
The promise of the Spirit
and the Ascension of Jesus.

This reminds me of early years of parenting 
when you always offered something good
 as something was removed,
or even taken away.
Sort of the same thing when Jesus 
tells the disciples a very good thing
  would be theirs soon.
Right before he goes away.
Can't imagine the sense of BIGNESS-
as Jesus highlights the extent of their job.
"Tell people about me everywhere-
in Jerusalem, 
throughout Judea, in Samaria,
and to the ends of the earth."
YOU will be my witnesses.
Then as Jesus was taken up into a cloud,
they strained to see him and
two white-robed men stood among them.
Maybe the disciples 
were use to seeing angels.
But, I imagine they listened
 carefully anyway.
"Jesus has been taken from you into heaven,
but someday he will return from heaven
 in the same way you saw him go!"
Gift promised to come soon.
They had their marching orders-
be my witnesses.
Same instructions for us-
as we wait-
filled with the power of the Holy Spirit.

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Bible Marginalia- Ascribe Glory!

Bible Marginalia Series- #291

Psalm 96
Sing to the Lord a new song!
Bless his name.
Declare his glory among the nations.
Ascribe to the Lord glory and strength!
Worship the Lord in the splendor of holiness,
tremble before him all the earth!
I wonder what might happen
if we spent more time 
as followers of Christ 
talking about these verbs.
Sing, Bless, Declare, Ascribe and Worship.
Perhaps these words have fallen off 
the discourse of church dialogue.
Maybe it is time we allow them to reenter-
for the sake of our rightful place 
in understanding just who the LORD is....
It is a reminder that in all that we do
 for the "work of the church"-
it is still HIS church and HIS kingdom.
And for that I say- thank you, Lord.


Thanks to my friend Bev Wicher 
for telling me about these stencils.
Works well with watercolors.

Also used washi tape,
Koi water colors- Pocket Field Sketch Box
Faber Castell Gelatos
Fine Point Sharpie pen
Tim Hiltz Distress Ink
Colored pencils 

Monday, May 7, 2018

Bible Marginalia- The Breath of God

 Bible Marginalia Series- #290

2 Timothy 3
All Scripture is Breathed by God

in Chapter 3 Paul reminds us 
that he is quite aware that people
 have been following his teaching,
his conduct,
his aim in life, his faith,
his patience,
his love,
his steadfastness, 
his persecutions and sufferings.
I don't think that most of us 
would do well to be under 
this kind of scrutiny.
Then there is the encouragement 
to continue in what they have learned
 since childhood,
and their acquaintance 
with the sacred writings.
In verses 16-17,
we have the affirmation that 
God's Word is His inspired writing.
It has purpose and a design for our lives.
It brings us the tools for the Good Works
 we may be equipped to do.
It is profitable for 
and training in
I find these verses very comforting.
There is a mapped out plan,
for ME,
in His Kingdom,
by the very breath of God.

Margin size piece of scrapbook paper
(to hide bleed through from other side)
Colored pencils
Fine- point Sharpie pen
Washi tape