Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Creative Haven- Spring Collage

Catching up with some photos from
 a Creative Haven event a few weeks ago.

A little bit of fun with Easter card copies,
 doilies, vintage satin ribbon,
paper accordion whirls, tulle,
 rhinestones from Grandma D's stash,
and some fabric flowers, and bead dangles.

Here is a a bit of burlap, 
some of Grandma D's lace and rhinestone button,
 corrugated cardboard, felt flower cutouts, 
gold glitter butterfly,
 and vintage paper from a Spring Ideals magazine
 from about 50 years ago.

Tagboard butterfly, doily, vintage hymnal circles, burlap,
cross sticker, tulle, satin ribbon, Ideals magazine paper,
Grandma D's lace, paper medallion whirl.

Tulle, corrugated cardboard,
 vintage Easter postcard copy, 
satin ribbon, tagboard butterfly, 
sewing pattern flower, paper medallion whirls,
 burlap, vintage book cutouts,
Grandma D's rhinestone and lace.

The bases are tissue paper covered  
white foam display board. 
with a wire hanger.

always fun to see what comes out 
of a room full of "FINDINGS"

Monday, May 4, 2015

Bible Marginalia- Restore us

Bible Marginalia Series- #88

Restore us to Yourself, O Lord,
 That we may be restored!
 Praying over the city of Baltimore-
and all the places in the world 
that are not at rest-
because they do not REST IN YOU.
Reading in Lamentations 5.


Stamp and ink
Colored pencils 
 Black fine-point Sharpie pen

Friday, May 1, 2015

Bible Marginalia- He Lives!

Bible Marginalia Series- #87
Oh! the Joy that this sweet sentence Gives!
I know that My Redeemer Lives!

The words of Jesus to His disciples.
Three times- Peace Be With You!
In shock- they needed to hear it multiple times.
As I often do- Peace, Peace, Peace.
Simply the story for me on this page.
That became a prayer.
Praying the Scripture.
And a page that calls me 
to prayer with a glance.

This is a two page study....... 
showed the page on the right in this post.......

The deli paper flipped out- 
just added the cover 
from the worship bulletin from Easter Sunday
Dealing with the bleed-through in the margin area-
used an envelope wrap.
It is self adhesive and they are made
 the perfect size for the margins
 in the Journaling Bible.
Envelope wraps

The paint shown here is actually
 the acrylic paint from the front side.
 No extra paint was added for this flip out side.

Words here in the margin
 from the story of Jesus and Thomas- 
after the Resurrection.
Oh! to believe though we have not seen!
Some shadowing here from the other side,,,,,,
 but still worked well to finish this study.

Supplies for the left side layout work:
Alpha Stickers
 Typewriter key letters
Colored pencils
Black Sharpie non-bleeding pen

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Bible Marginalia- Playing Card Add- Ins- 2

Bible Marginalia Series- #86

A very simple page using some Helps.
Ezekiel dealing with a time
 when the people did not have regard
 and honor the holy name of the Lord.
The holiness of the Lord's name
 had been profaned among the nations.
verse 26- I will give you a new heart 
and put a new spirit within you.

Lord, forgive us today- 
for we too have not kept your holy name.
We have defaced your honor.
Give us a new heart- 
and live new in spirit in us.
That the world might see YOU in US.

Added in a Dollar store playing card
 with washi tape.
Printed a verse that went 
with this section of Scripture
 from my Pinterest board.
(My daughters did this for me-
so can't tell you EXACTLY 
how this works-
 but it is then sized perfectly
 for a playing card.)

For a section that is longer 
and I know I can't do all 
the font and writing in the space-
 this is a great way to highlight the verse
 I am spending time with in my Bible Study.
 I added 2 pieces of square-punched
 card stock on the side
 with the suit and card number 
and just used double sided-sticky tape
 to add the verse.
Also used some easy flat pieces
 to highlight this section.

square punch
playing card
butterfly punch
 and recycled greeting card
doily piece (Michael's)
paper flags (Michael's)
colored pencils
Fine-point Sharpie marker

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Bible Marginalia-Full of splendor

Bible Marginalia Series- #85

keep coming back here to 
hang out for encouragement.
When all seems upside down 
and not right-
in our world-
in relationships
with leadership
and even in the church.

Needing to be reminded 
again today of 
the Lord's works.
and His 
the one who makes 
all things RIGHT-

Thank you Lord,
for your words that 
lead me beyond today -
to the HOPE
that is in 

 Reflecting back on these two pages
 done in a week this past March.
The right side done first.
and already posted here-
Then the left side.
added a bit later.

A simple reminder for me to see His Glory-
and my Steadfast trust response.

Left side page supplies:
Colored pencils
Sharpie non- bleeding pen

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Bible Marginalia- In Awe

Bible Marginalia Series- #84

Catching up on some 
journaling posts.
A conversation this week
 brought this section of Scripture to mind.
The church in ACTS.

not words we use a lot anymore.

The disciples 
themselves to the apostles' teaching.
And the 
To the breaking of bread
And the
came upon every
And many 
were being done 
through the apostles.

What an incredible time in this 
first century church.
His power still 

 Washi tape
Colored pencils
Fine-point Sharpie pen (non-bleeding)

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Bible Marginalia-REMEMBER

Bible Marginalia Series- #83

oh that word- REMEMBER- 
Just what the Israelites
 had forgotten to do.
and I too- just like them.
 Afflicted by spiritual amnesia.
The God of my Salvation.
The Rock of my refuge.
 Oh, Lord, help me to

 Faber- Castell Gelatos
 Assorted stamps