Friday, February 27, 2015

Bible Marginalia- Fully Restored

Bible Marginalia Series- #67

This is the journaling that
 goes along with the previous post- (about Tabgha.)
 Stories on the shore of the Sea of Tiberius.
John 21.
These words stand out for me--
Jesus to Peter.
Feed my sheep.
Follow Me.

This was the end of the chapter. 
I may have read this verse before.
 But it was a stunning statement 
when I pulled it out this way to read. 
It seems overwhelming to remember
 all the stories in the New Testament 
about Jesus and his ministry.  
Yet here- in this statement,
 I realize that my small human mind capacity
 could not fathom the extent and parameters 
of the ministry of Jesus while He was on earth.

This is the back side of the page. 
So needed to problem solve using the margin here. 
Opted for a tip-in page using painted deli paper.

Some great black and white images 
found at Tuesday Morning.
Flowers cut out of Pottery Barn catalogs.
Target $1 Bin flags and alphas.
Attached with washi tape.
Black permanent maker
 with signo uni white pen.
Simple -but a meaningful visual-
 it STAYS with me.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Tabgha- Israel Pilgrimage 2

 a shortened Arabic word
 for the Greek word Haptapagon.
translated as Seven Springs.
A place along the Sea of Galilee 
where springs feed the Sea 
with warmer water that creates algae 
and a fish feeding paradise.
Thus a hangout for fisherman.
On the shore of pebbles near the church
 in Tabgha are Heart stones. 
 Our tour leader said that even a few years ago
 they were not seen because water covered them.
Perhaps they were anchors for fishing poles.

This shoreline is significant
 because it is the general vicinity
 where many accounts take place in the Gospels.

This visit I was focused on the story of Jesus
 appearing after His Resurrection-
 as told in John 21.
Not knowing what else to do- 
the disciples go out fishing.
When your world turns upside down- 
sometimes we have to fall
 into the comfort of an old routine.
Unfortunately-for the disciples-
 the same old story- 
fishing all night and catching no fish.

Someone calls from the shore-
"Throw your next on the right side, 
and you will find some."
That sounds a bit Deja Vu`.
So many they can't haul it in.
Peter jumps into the water and swims ashore.
The rest slowly row and haul in 153 fish.
And join Jesus by the campfire-
 where He has breakfast all ready.

Later, a conversation that Peter
 has with Jesus changes his life course.
Jesus brings restoration to Peter.
His messed up life and choices
 will be fully redeemed
 by the death and new life of Jesus.
For each of the three times 
that Peter had denied Jesus-
 he is given a chance to declare
 his love for Jesus.
Do you love me?
Peter has a job to do-- Feed my Sheep.
It will not be easy.
But, above all else- FOLLOW ME.

                                                                                                          John at water's edge.

I give thanks to God in this Lenten season- 
that I too have the story of full restoration by Jesus.
My Baptism promise.
With the very same outstretched hand-
Follow ME.

The Tabgha site has the 
Church of the Primacy of St. Peter
and also the Church of the Multiplication.
These blog posts tell a bit more
 about what you might see at this site in Israel.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Bible Marginalia- Crate and Barrel Helps

                                                                                                     1 Peter 2:9              Jessica Meier

Bible Marginalia-#66

As I spend more time looking 
for ways to make Bible Journaling "doable",
and cost effective for people,
 I am always on the lookout 
for regular old household items
 to include as supplies.
From years as a scrapbooker-
 one of the jargon words
 has always been "archival".
This is concern over the acid level,
 and lasting qualities of ink, supplies, and paper.
I have not seen much chatter about this 
in the Bible journaling community.
 But, I think there is the thought
 of faith art and heart
 to be handed to the next generation.
 That said- magazines are not archival.

Magazine cut outs are one of the easily found
 items that I have been using for  
tangle prayer cards and my journaling stash.
Art journalers have used this for years.

In this post daughter, Jessica, shares her experiments
 with magazines as a Bible journaling supply.

                                                                                                                     Jessica Meier

I keep cut out shapes in a ziplock
 Baggie ready to go for journaling.
Magazines are a great resource.
They are often in our home- FREE.
Thin paper does not add a lot of bulk to pages.
 The bright, vivid colors are hard
 to duplicate with other media.
Works well to integrate with other media.
 Adds a modern look to pages.
You simple look for color combos
 and TEXTURES that are pleasing
and cut out.
When taken out of context,
they are no longer- rugs, pillows, 
placemats, duvets and chairs.

 And isn't that a bit of what
 Bible Journaling is?
Reading the whole part of Scripture
 and focusing on a few words- 
giving them new dimensions-
 so that we see something-
 we did not see before.

Crate and Barrel, Restoration Hardware,
 IKEA magazines
Tabs and Labels- Staples.
Cardstock circle cut outs 
 Black Sharpie NON-bleeding
Prismacolor pencils

Sizzex cut out- 
Tim Holtz Alterations- Tattered Florals

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Bible Marginalia- You are the Christ

Bible Marginalia Series- #65

The previous post told about
 my visit to Caesarea Philippi.
It is certainly powerful to journal
 the verses after visiting the site of the story.
This section of Mark has the story when 
Peter confesses Jesus as the Christ.

It goes right into when Jesus again
 teaches His disciples
 about His death and resurrection.
And a strong rebuke to Peter-
when Peter questions Jesus.
"Get behind me, Satan. 
For you are not setting 
your mind on the things of God,
 but on the things of man."

Oh, Peter.
You do so well one minute, 
and then the next breath- you blow it.
Certainly, a picture of my daily life.

Then Jesus extends the teaching time
 to the crowd around-
followers must deny themselves, 
take up the cross,
 and follow.

"For what does it profit a man 
to gain the whole world and forfeit his soul?
For what can a man give in return for his soul?"
The backdrop of the pagan worship center of Banias
 adds a whole new light to this question.

For this Bible journaling I wanted to include
 some of the notes from the previous post.
The history and setting of where
 these conversations takes places
 is an important part of the story.
(One I did not realize till visiting here.)

I used cardstock cut outs
to highlight some of the main conversation.
A cardstock piece added in with washi tape flips 
to include information on front and back.
An old book page margin 
painted with acrylic paint frames the 
add-in page.
Black Sharpie  non-bleeding marker for added tangles.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Caesarea Philippi- Israel Pilgrimage 2

Large cave- Grotto of Pan- 
The center of pagan worship.
Known as Banias- in the Golan Heights.
 This was Baal Hermon,
 Baal Gad of Old testament times.
Here is where 3rd century BC sacrifices
 were made to flute playing god Pan-
half-man, half-goat.

Numerous temples were built here
 in the Hellenistic and Roman periods.
The city was known as Panias 
or in Arabic- Banias.

2.5 miles north of the Sea of Galilee
at the base of Mt Herman
Location of one of the largest springs
 feeding the Jordan River.

Close up of the rock 
at the base of Mt. Herman.

 Sacred Niches - a rocky escarpment
with a series of hewn niches
Statues of the deities were placed here.

Here is the backdrop setting 
to where Jesus brought
 His disciples in Mark 8:27.
With the vivid pagan world around Him, 
He asked-
"Who do people say that I am?"
 The world says- 
John the Baptist or Elijah, or a prophet.
"But, who do YOU say that I am?"

You can almost imagine Peter's gaze 
around the stone niches as he says, 
"You are the Christ."
The popular, pagan culture
 visually blared denial.

Just as our visually blaring
 culture still denies today.

Caesarea Philippi was once a great city.
In 20 BC it was annexed
 to the Kingdom of Herod the Great.
In 3 BC Philip (the Tretarch)
 founded a city here at Paneas.
He named it Caesarea-
 in honor of Caesar Augustus
 and made many improvements to the city.
In later history this area moved from 
Arab caliphate control,
was pillaged by the crusaders in 1148, 
and later ruled by the 
 Ottoman Turks.
Today only ruins hold this place 
in history in a National Park.

And a quietness surrounds
 with the simple question 
we must all still answer today-
"Who do you say that I am?"

Friday, February 20, 2015

Bible Marginalia-In Community

Bible Marginalia Series- #64

This past weekend was a special
 birthday celebration-
for me.
One of the highlights was getting
 a bit of time to do some 
Bible Journaling together.
Three daughters and their momma.
(Above photo does not show
 the same verse page in our Bibles.)

The card they gave me
 had this verse in it.
1 Peter 3:4
The margin in my Bible already had a verse 
on the page so I decided to add an insert,
with washi tape.
Used magazine cut outs for this page-
 made with a Sizzix.
 (I keep some ready to go in a ziplock Baggie)

The margin work of middle daughter.
Target and Staples tabs.
Prismacolor pencils.
Washi tape and White signo pen.

Daughter #3
Love the arrows.
Floating banners.

Work of oldest daughter.
Prismacolor pencils
Added some watercolor highlights.

It is amazing how God's Word works.
We read the same verse.
Hear different emphasis.
See different visual images that make it-
a part of our heart prayer.
We prayed this verse into our lives.

So, we talked about the verse as we worked.
What words stood out.
Some had the words PRECIOUS in their version.
We liked them both.
I later went back 
and wrote the word PRECIOUS
all around the flower on my page.

There is something that happens 
when sharing Bible Journaling in a group-
actually taking the time.
for a design choice,
and to make time 
for the spiritual discipline
when reading and talking
 There's gathered

Most of the time-
 I love my quiet, seclusive Bible 
Journaling moments.
But, if you haven't tried it....
find a group, gather a group,
start a group....
at your church-
in your home,
with your neighbors
and friends.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Wadi Qelt- Into the Desert- Israel Pilgrimage-2

Wadi Qelt is desert land
in Israel.
 It runs west to east across
 the Judaean Desert in the West Bank, 
originating near Jerusalem
 and terminating near Jericho,
 close to the Dead Sea.

On this hazy day there were 
golden glinting hills in the distance.
There were distinct pockets of 
tiny oasis with dots of green on the hillsides.
Our tour guide told us in all the years of 
leading groups here, 
he had never seen it so green.

 We could see sheep lined up
 on the slopes in the distance. 
Wadi Qelt is home to a 
unique variety of flora and fauna.
 This area has been identified with the 
biblical "Perath" mentioned in 
Jeremiah 13:5.

It was actually almost a surreal setting.
When I  closed my eyes and opened them--
 it felt like I had moved off the planet earth.

This is the reality of where
 Jesus went off into the desert.
By himself.

If I am having a challenging day-
feeling "DESERTED",
I can remember these hills.
 I know that Jesus has walked
 these miles of ups and downs.
In these hills Jesus experienced set back,
heartache, and times of misery.
He walked this landscape of desolation-
to meet me in my "desert times".