Saturday, March 31, 2012

Spring glimpses

Spring sunlight begins to change the light drama
 on the South side of the house-
 can see the "new green" outside in our neighbor's yard
A bunny with crown
 and Welcome Spring sign
Cloche with nest- probably need to move away
 from the window to lessen the reflection
The pink dogwood Easter branch tree with eggs-
 some I made when young-
 others are more recently purchased
the  black Good Friday crosses

 still mark the Lenten season
and beginning Holy Week-

 I remove one each day of the week
Tulips and Iris- a gift from a friend

Seems like we rarely have things all done to welcome each new season but somehow I like the quiet calm of Easter that comes in quietly without al the fanfare. Working to keep the focus on the lamb and now so much the bunny.  Reading Henri Nouwen Lenten Devotions. Moving to understand the incredible priceless gift of the sacrifice for ME!  And in a lonely introspective moment to REALLY know that I - just me- was worth the price He paid.
I will keep looking  for the signs of Spring Rally in Virginia!

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