Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Visual Prayers

Just where to spend my prayer time these days?  Intercession and lifting up keeps coming back to the top of the list. Praying for clergy couples and their children if they have a family.
Praying for the church they serve, the neighborhoods they live in, and the towns that claim them.

Where is the Holy Spirit working in their lives?  What are the struggles?  What do they count as joy?

Just one way to be connected.....
 a time to focus on just them -
and touch them with one hand and touch God with the other hand. My husband John often picks the verse to use as the prayer focus. The rest is just freehand doodling.

After a prayer is completed. I make a copy and put that in a photo album that holds 4 by 6 photos.  I scan a copy to use as needed for Pinterest and posting, and send them the original with a card.

1 Corinthians 15:58

2 Corinthians 12:9

1 Timothy 1:14

Acts 2:39

This method of praying was originally connected
 with the work of Sybil MacBeth.....
As ministry needs have changed,
 I have found this a very versatile prayer tool.  
The album that we keep the prayer cards
 in then becomes a prayer journal.
 Sometimes stamps are used as part of the design, 
and they are dated,
 and the name of the church
 they serve and the city and state
 are also included in the prayer card.  
A helpful way for me to learn names
 and just where they connect 
in the Southeastern District where we serve in ministry.

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