Monday, April 1, 2013

Visual Prayer- Lent 2013

At the beginning of Lent I wrote about using the devotional work- 
Good News for all People by Michele DeRusha and her husband Brad Johnson.
link for 2013 Devotions
  The devotional work was illustrated by Deb Paden.

 I then used the downloaded Lenten calendar from Sybil MacBeth.
link for lenten calendar templates-2013

 After each day's Lenten reading I would find the word
 that "stood out" for me in the reading and that was my
 one word for that day of Lent.

Here is what Lent 2013 looked like for me this year-

 I choose 5-6 color pencils that were my "colors of Lent" for this season. 
The repeated use of the colors for the whole Season
 helps me to see the connected focus of the words.

Visual Prayer - Lent 2012
These words were from the Lenten devotions-
Renewed for Life
by Henri J. M. Nouwen- Creative Communications

Visual Prayer  2011
Various sources for Lenten Devotions

Some things I have learned about adding this
 to my Lenten Life Practice:

It is a "forgiving" practice- if I fail and fall a couple of days behind-
 I can easily regain my spot.

I like the calendar set up and the geometric one equally well--
 but the calendar page is easier to see which word goes with what day.

It is fascinating to see all the Words that can have a wonderful Lenten focus.

The words seem to form their own Lenten Poem....

You never know when you begin "a practice"
 what it might look like-
  three years together.

 I thank God for the picture of
 His Lenten heart-work these past three years.

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