Thursday, May 30, 2013

When the Story Gets Lost in Time- Part 1

My trip back home leads me to think about
 the story of Walter Hilgermann.
 As best as I can.
 Mom and Dad are gone-
sure need them to help with the details.

Mom had given me a stack of postcards
 that she had got when the estate sale
 happened for the Hilgermann place.
  Not sure what year that was.

Tried finding something about Walter's death
and just what happened to the family.
  Don't know any of the connections-
Maybe my brother knows who owns the farm.

 My niece just bought this lovely little house
 on the Adam's County Line Road.

We drove over to see their new house.
And then I saw their neighbor's house.

 The gauze flapping in the wind house.
The house left over from a Halloween Ghost House.

And this is Walter's house:

Not sure why the gauze- like material had been wrapped around the house.
 Maybe to keep out birds and animals.

But that was awhile ago.
It is a deserted and lonely house.

Where no more stories get added to the tales told.

With bushes gone
 and farmed right up to the foundation on all sides.

I think Walter was "an old bachelor".

Never married.

 No lists of genealogy to track and restore.

A story lost in time.

Next post-

Walter and me.

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