Thursday, December 19, 2013

Advent Waiting

Thinking about the past few days and the long awaited time of Graduation-
of imagining walking across the stage and done…..
sometimes this part was more real than the reading and writing.
Reading and writing.
Rehearsal. Learning how to line up
and when to walk across the stage.

When I finished my last Graduate degree- 33 years ago-
I did not walk at Indiana- Purdue University. ( Ft Wayne Campus)

This time it was necessary to complete the work with a celebration.

We met fellow cohort- Raechel in Oak Park, Illinois.
as we hugged goodbye and went into the cold snowy night-
yep- no photo.

Niece Ashlee hang out with us and she wanted to see the Christmas lights.
So on a late night we headed downtown.
snapping photos like visitors-
the beautiful lights outside the Chicago Tribune building

snow and the lights- kind of magical

And in the perfect set up surprise as we cruised around Union Station, a second time, looking at the long line of people trying to hail cabs unsuccessfully, a young woman stepped toward our stopped car along the street.  And acted like she was trying to get in-
she startled me because it looked like my middle daughter Laura-
Oh! Wait!  it is Laura!
 Little mommy to be. ( April 1 , 2014)

Thankful for sharing a special day.

Laura, Connie, and youngest sister- Teresa

and head cheerleader- husband John.

and yes- a snowy cold day.
We celebrated with pizza at Ashlee and Micah's with their two littles.

And worship the next morning at Zion Lutheran Church in Bensonville, Illinois.

and out to eat at a favorite place in Elmhurst-
Egg Harbor Cafe.

Coffee to go on a cold day.

And a little ready to go……

And a drive back in to the city-

this time we went IN at Union Station.

and visited a bit more before sending the middle daughter on her way on the train.

This year celebrates the 150th Anniversary of Concordia University.
So a special diploma cover.

And waiting on the final part to be mailed to me in January-
 A Master of Arts in Liberal Studies- in Church and Community Leadership.

And these days moving to Christmas-
- thinking of Mary these Advent days-

 the waiting part, the waiting part.
and how good it is to see fulfillment.
And know that this brings the next set of 
gentle obedient nods-
of stepping out in faith -
 that the Lord brings things to pass when IT IS TIME.

Oh, give thanks, unto the Lord, for He is good.


  1. Congratulations, Connie! Many have already benefited from your amazing Church and Community Leadership. The degree affirms what you already do so well.

    And, blessings to first- time mom Laura and to you and John as you enter the wonderful world of grandparenting!

  2. Laura looks GREAT and I'm so excited that you and John get to be grandparents! Congratulations on your degree--looks like a great weekend!

  3. Connie,

    I am so proud of you! Fantastic achievement! I've always admired your strength and wisdom and yet you continue to grow and blossom.

    I'm over the top excited to welcome you to the Grandma club :) It have been one of the most magical, amazing years of my life. A kind of love I can't describe in words. I love every moment of it.

    Happy for all of you.

    Happy New Year and Congratulations,


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