Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Cape Hatteras Lighthouse- Before the storm


You, Lord, keep my lamp burning;

    my God turns my darkness into light.
   Psalm 18:28   NIV

Cape Hatteras Lighthouse is the tallest in the nation 
and a famous symbol of North Carolina. 
 The beacon from the light can be seen
 some 20-miles out to sea. It has warned sailors
 for more than 100 years
 of the treacherous Diamond Shoals, 
the shallow sandbars which extend some 14 miles
 out into the ocean off Cape Hatteras.
This tower was built in 1870.

It is said that the engineer who was originally assigned
 the task of painting North Carolina's lighthouses,
 got the plans mixed up and the diamond-shaped figures, 
suitable for warning traffic away from Diamond Shoals, 
went to Cape Lookout and the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse
 received the spiral striping,
 thereby forever gaining the nickname
 ''The Big Barber Pole.''

It was built with 1,250,000 bricks baked
 in kilns along the James River in Virginia
 and brought in scows into Cape Creek 
where it was hauled by oxen one mile
 to the building site in Buxton.
 Its walls at the base are 14 feet of solid masonry
 and narrow to eight feet at the top.
 Weighing 6,250 tons, 
the lighthouse was built with no pilings under it -
 just a foundation built of heart pine. 
Towering 196 feet from the base to the top brick
 and then topped with an iron superstructure
 it become the tallest brick lighthouse
 on the American coast at 208 feet
 and at a cost of $155,000.00.

In the summer of 1999,
 as the ever-encroaching waters of the Atlantic Ocean
 threatened this stalwart structure,
 the Cape Hatteras Light 
was moved from its original location.

The day we visited we were one of the last tours
 to gain access as the lighthouse was closing to prepare
 for Hurricane Arthur.
 Wednesday-- July 2, 2014- a storm is coming.

Made me sing all day-
 My Lighthouse- Rend Collective
That God's protective hand- holds steady.
Word after the storm -- all is OK.


  1. Now I'm singing too! At our homeschool co-op this year our students decided on the name GLOW, God Lights Our Way. One of the songs we sang quite often was My Lighthouse. "He will lead us through the storm." I was just wondering if you were able to go up in it as I got to your last picture. What a beautiful view! Seeing the fingerprints of God all over that landscape for certain!

  2. The day we were there it was way too hot to take up the 3 month grandson- so grammie stayed below while the rest of the family went up- they were great and shared the view photos with me!


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