Sunday, July 27, 2014

Here and About- Roanoke, Indiana

On a country road not far from where I grew up,
 this bridge leads to the town of Roanoke, Indiana.

A place where hometown heart shows pride

and those who made a difference are remembered

and a legacy of blooms lives on

a sleepy town where new vision 
has brought new verve
for lunch options
featuring Wagyu Beef

or Four Star Fine Dining in the evening-
Joseph Decuis

for some retail therapy-
 Roanoke has some great options
the Trove
with Melani Wilson
Cosmopolitan eye and display

don't miss Treasure hunting out back at the Trove

Dahlia Sage
designer- Donna Holloway
 Apple Blossom Antiques
owner- Sharon Kempfer

Paper Moon
Decor, gifts,
 toys, Vintage jewelry

Rescued Relics- 
A Mix of Old and New

Grandma Sue's Pies and More
If you are going straight home- 
take a frozen pie to bake!
(they have Rhubarb Crunch and Gooseberry!)

you may also want to check out:
The Silk Purse-
reimagined goods

Real Deals Roanoke-
a touch of the eclectic

an accessory and clothing store- 
opening full time- August 2014
Roanoke- a great mix
 of MidWest Americana
and small town optimism.
Just 16 miles from downtown Fort Wayne- 
off of Highway 24.
Worth a morning or afternoon jaunt.


  1. What a quaint little town! I would love to visit and shop for an antique treasure or two. :) Love your style of writing! (Visiting from The Angel Project :))

  2. I love these small town Indiana pictures! I am living in a small town in S. Indiana and I love the charm of it!

  3. Thanks so much for your kind words about Trove. My family is also from Roanoke and I love being a part of the revitalization of this friendly town. Memories of going to the drug store to sit at the soda fountain and going to the park for Fall Festival are a big part of my childhood. Loved seeing this and keep up the fun blog posts!


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