Friday, July 25, 2014

When Sidetracked is a Good Thing

We have been talking a bit about serendipity.
 Leaving some "whitespace" in our lives
 for unexpected fun and explorations. 
There is a covered bridge that we have passed by
 in our travels in Pennsylvania for 27 years
 on our trips back to Indiana.
 I said I wanted to stop to see it this time.
 So we pulled off at the next exit when we spotted it. 
 Drove around for over an hour-
 never found that bridge,
 but found a lovely substitute.

Hewitt Bridge
A Bedford County Covered Bridge
near Chaneysville.
One of 14 covered bridges in the county.

Some history of the Hewitt Covered Bridge

On a day with brilliant blue skies- 
and sun dappled edges,

a bit of water ripples over the rocks,

and green melts to water's edge,

and an unknown road bids us forth
 under cotton ball clouds.
Maybe a bit of delay, 
but some time that danced in praise, 
and hearts that
rest in His Goodness.

"Awake, north wind, and come, south wind!
 Blow on my garden,
 that its fragrance may spread abroad."
Song of Solomon 4:16

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