Monday, August 25, 2014

eformation- Deploying Digital Missionaries

#11 in the eformation series

About two years ago I began
 to think about the work
 of blogging, pinning, and tweeting
 as missionary efforts. 
Leaving the parking lot of many churches,
 I often see a sign that says-
Go in Peace
  You are Entering the Missionary Field.

The more I thought about it,
 the more I began to see
 the digital world
 as a missionary field.
Then, I connected that to the thought
 that a vacuum always gets filled.
 I was also having a challenging time
finding authentic, 
valid, good Doctrine, sound theology sites
 to follow and recommend.

If, we as Christians,
 are not going to fill the void,
 it will be filled. 
Perhaps it is time for us to add
 to the digital world.

I have a small following on my blog.
It was started as a place to encourage my family.
Then, I began to take notice of the AUDIENCE.
This is who is reading this week-

United States---728

On blogspot, it is possible to add

 the widget of Google Translator.
The blog is then read
 in the language of choice.
All around the WORLD. 
I had to look up Moldova.
It is a landlocked country in eastern Europe 
located between Romania to its west
 and Ukraine to its north, east and south.
Moldova declared itself an 
independent state
 in 1991 with the dissolution
 of the Soviet Union.

So, Really?
 People in other countries are looking
 at this spot and the writing?
Seeing what it looks like 
to be a follower of Jesus.
From my living room.
In Virginia.
The United States.

What if we began to raise up writers,
and bloggers that were united
 to do this as a team?
With Kingdom goals in mind?
For the sake of God's plan
 of redemption for His world?

What if we 
 digital missionaries?

All ages and stages of life.
Through economic levels.
Joining all sorts of life vocations-

That is the way I have approached
 my involvement with all digital media.
Social for the sake of the Gospel.

What might our REACH be together?
With the grace of God
 and Holy Spirit leading,
we do not have to control where
in the name of JESUS goes.
We are simply called to be obedient.

Where might the Holy Spirit
 be asking you to touch the world with


  1. I have not ever thought of my blog as a place to do missionary work...although I write often about my faith and our Savior. Hmmm. Thought provoking words accompanied by incredible pictures! Are these your flowers? Ones in your area?

    1. thanks for thinking about the missionary theme….. the photos on my blog are all mine unless noted -these were taken last week when visiting Greenfield Village in Dearborn, MI-
      will do a Here and About post next week--
      Do you ever check your audience reach on your blog? it is amazing to watch each week…...

  2. I really enjoyed reading your eformation series. I can envision a church coming together with the younger tech savvy people helping the non techies/older set up Facebook accounts,etc. We are a congregation of both older and younger and I could see this happening.

    1. thanks Melody- YOU GET IT…. it is about teaming … keeping the good things we have as church and sending it out with some twists to reach another generation. same message… different packaging


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