Friday, August 29, 2014

eformation-When you Need Expert Help

eformation-#12 in the series (and the last)

Thanks for hanging in there for this whole series.
 Had no idea how many posts this might be-
 guess there is a bit more to say about
 electronic spiritual formation
 than I might have thought.
Certainly know more about it than 5 years ago.

But, it is time to give you a few references
 and links to some "Professional" help. 

Our church District and some individual churches
 workwith a professional social media expert.
That is a BIG TIME help.
It is important for a technical helper
 to meet you right where you are and then
be very honest about where you need to move to,
 and how you can get there.
Highly suggest this for any organization
 looking to add a social media focus.
Can save you a lot of heart ache in the long run.
Bold Whisper---and Jennifer Einolf
Jennifer Einolf---Check out Jennifer Einolf on Pinterest

Some para church organizations
 are taking the plunge into social media
 and are willing to bring you along on the journey.
Want to learn more?
Mark your calendar--- 
The date for the eformation 2015 conference
 is the first part of June again,
in Alexandria, Va for next year.
Here is the program from the 2014 conference-

 Check out some
 books and resources about the
 Church and Social Media,
 or frame your own social media ministry calling.
 I have collected the resources
 I used in my research project
 from this past year.
(for completion of a Master's at Concordia Chicago-
 in Church and Community Leadership)

Here is the Pinterest board -Church-social-media-gospel.

Names that have been especially helpful include:
Meridith Gould- author
Julie Anne Lytle-author
Elizabeth Drescher-author
Jennifer Einolf- Bold Whisper
Keith Andersen-author
John Roberto- author
Seth Hinz-Web Media Director at the Michigan District - LCMS

Kyle Matthew Oliver-Digital Missioner and Learning Lab Coordinator
in the Center for the Ministry of Teaching at Virginia Theological Seminary

Here is a thoughtful reflection from Kyle:

And so we pray:
Heavenly Father, may you use us as 
your vessels to be refashioned, reformed,
 and yielded to the work of the Holy spirit within us.
Help us to let go of pride that stands in the way
 of being useful for your purpose where you
 are already working in your Kingdom.
Give us the grace to start over, try again,
 experiment with something new,
 for the sake of those that do NOT know you yet.
That they may hear your Love Whisper,
 and respond, because we have cared enough
 to keep on keeping on,
for each ONE that you LOVE.  Amen.

This calls for patient endurance on the part of the people of God who keep his commands and remain faithful to Jesus.
Revelation 14:12

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  1. It's been a helpful and thought provoking series. Excited to see what you'll write about next!


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