Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Advent- Awaiting the Wonder- Part One

 Advent- preparing and waiting.
Gathering at Messiah Methodist in
Springfield, VA.

To encourage a time
 of waiting and wonder for families.

To share ideas for hands-on
 activities for children.

Age appropriate nativities
 to tell the story
 of getting ready for a Birthday.

Books to read with children for ADVENT.
Activities to do with children for ADVENT.

Advent calendars- coloring in one day at a time. 
Perhaps using one word from devotion time
 that depicts your own
Advent Journey.
Praying in Color tools from 
Sybil MacBeth.

How to count the weeks of Advent- 
with the things you have around the house.

Lighting a new candle each week-
counting down the days of Advent.

Preparing Advent hearts-
some devotional ideas.

Resources for creating your own Jesse tree-
 to talk about the Old Testament promise
 and the New Testament fulfillment.

Handmade ornaments-
printables to use for a Jesse tree.

Making an Advent journal-
collecting resources to help
 teach the "next generation". 

Creating a "Jesus" tree filled with symbols of 
this Christ Child gift, and nativity ornaments.

Helping to point to the reason for the season.
The heart renovation-
 that is the Spirit work of 

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