Friday, December 5, 2014

Advent- Immanuel, God with Us

  Reading this book as part
 of my Advent focus this year. 
 Found it in a library book sale. 
Sarah Hornsby is a wonderful Christian artist.
The line drawings are "doable"
 for me to use as basis for my Bible Journaling.
Trying to reach her to thank her for her inspiration.
Her website is:sarah-hornsby

Because an angel of the Lord
 appeared to Joseph in a dream-
and a man obeyed.
God's mighty will would prevail in all things.
But, Joseph allowed himself to be a part of the story.

How does the Holy Spirit 
"speak" to me today?
God's Word is alive and active.
How might my ADVENT YES-
give me the opportunity to participate in
the blessing of God's work in the world today?

That I may Live each and every day-
 Immanuel dwelling-
in my heart.


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