Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Bible Marginalia- Creating your Handwriting Font

Bible Marginalia Series- #54

The lessons in worship this week
 included the story of Jonah.
This is how this page ended up this week. 
During the week I 
 reread the whole story of Jonah.
The book is only 3 pages long.
Good to read in context
 and get the whole picture.

As I listened to the sermon- 
my heart kept coming back
 to these words that God spoke to Jonah.
Jonah is mad at God-
 because of His compassion.
Oh, yea - that has been me
 on more than one occasion.
The words were sketched out
 with my favorite Sharpie marker.
I call it "messy writing".
It doesn't have to be perfect.
 Each letter can be different in how it ends up.
No two matching letters have to be the same.
My art teacher daughter
 encouraged me to try this.
Just take your handwriting-
 and make it your font.
I have a hard time trying to do
 the lettering like many
 of the artists working in Bible Journaling.
This is possible. Looking for the DOABLE.
It is actually about not trying to make each 
letter "match".

 During the week I spent time coloring
 in the words with color pencils.

Tarshish- is really anywhere
 I go to be away from the presence of God.
Each time I disobey and desire my will.
Sometimes I spend much of my day in Tarshish.

I had some graph paper "margins"
 that were correctly sized.
 Added a stamp
 and some water color pencil additions.
A little bit less daunting
 to try new things out on the graph paper-
 rather than right on the pages of my Bible.

Oh- the turning of hearts in Ninevah.
The whole town.
At the preaching of God's Word- 
even if the heart of the preacher
 was not really in it.

God's Word captures hearts.
Let us not forget the POWER of God's Word.

I tried a bit of
 green spritz on the pages.
This time- I protected
 the edges of my Bible
 where I DID NOT want spray.

Supplies used: 
Heidi Swapp Citron Color Shine
Reeves Water Colour Pencils
Graph paper
Regular and fine point markers
Colored pencils
Washi tape


  1. Appreciate your sharing and we did a study of Jonah for 4 weeks and were amazed at how much we learned in that short book in 4 weeks. Even now some of us will come back to something we studied there. It lends itself to Bible journaling so easily, but I did not do a big fish :) I lean toward embellished letters! Your posts are terrific...thank you for sharing!

    1. thanks Candice- somehow I didn't land with a big fish here either--- would love to see the pages that your group did and you too! if you have photos you can send them to my email- would be great to see at the "gems' pulled from these three pages

  2. You are just full of helpful hints and inspiration! Thank you, Connie!

    1. OK Paula- this is funny coming from the handwriting queen- still wanting to do a post featuring your work- we just need to figure out the best way to send people to see your work-- email me some ideas---

  3. Earlier this month I discovered art journaling/Bible journaling. I'd been writing in the margins of my Bible for years, but never realized art could be added. I have "jumped in" with my new interest and am loving it! I came across your blog from His Kingdom Come. So nice to meet you. I have also followed a few of your boards on Pinterest. My other big interest is I've been blogging and writing book reviews since 2007. I have 2 blogs. and

    1. Annette- great to get connected- you have some amazing work with books! I also always "wrote" in my Bible but now have an added piece that brings blessings- He is Good!


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