Friday, January 16, 2015

Bible Marginalia- "Bleed-Through" Helps

Bible Marginalia Series- #48

 We may not have been doing Bible journaling
 long enough to say we have a REAL problem
 with working with the back 
side of a journaling page.
But, in some of the books where I was reading
 through the WHOLE book as I journaled,
 I have had to start thinking
 about the "other" side of a journaling margin.
It doesn't look too bad here, 
but I knew that I would not 
be happy with the finished page. 
So, then I find that Karla Dornacher
 has offered some of her wonderful drawings
 as printable bookmarks
on her Easy site.
Download, print, cut out,
 back and attach.
( there is a small fee to download)

Same page covered with Karla's bookmark
 and finished with a bit of washi tape.
Simply done.

the back side of another page in Luke

Finished page with Karla's book mark.
I backed it with scrapbooking paper 
to completely cover the drawing from the other side.
Attached with double-sided sticky tape.

Two-page spread in Luke.

I have admired Karla's work
 for many years and own a number of her books.
I was thrilled to see the pages together.
Complimentary styles.
 She makes my drawings look like "real Art".

Karla's book mark for Luke 4:8

Karla's book mark for Luke 4:18

In my Journaling Bible it happened
 to have the 2 verses on back to back pages.
 So I tried that.
 I like them
 as back to back illustrations.

Stop by and like her page on Facebook-

Karla also has these illustrations
 done in black outline
 so that you can add in
 your coloring and shadings.

Thanks- Karla Dornacher for your help with
"bleed-through" challenges
 in our journey of 
writing in the margins
 of our Bibles.


  1. Thanks Connie! Great info. I haven't tried it yet, but a friend said the Faber Castell paint markers don't bleed through the thin paper. I'll have to see it to believe it and am going to. I'll let you know.

    1. Paula- I will be delighted when the time is right for you

  2. Oh my goodness Connie... I followed your link for bleed-through helps always ready to learn something new... and was so pleasantly surprised to find you using my bookmarks to solve the problem!! I am blessed beyond measure... you have made my day my friend. I love it! Thank you and God bless... Karla

    1. Karla- I had tried to contact you about using your bookmarks and ask permission for this post- glad that you like it. Your work blessed this community

  3. This is beautiful! May I ask which Bible you are using that has such large margins? Thanks!

  4. It is the Crossway Single Column ESV Journaling Bible- I got it on Amazon- it is the one with leaves on it

    1. Thanks~I will check this out. Love what you are doing with the journaling. Must go back and read all your posts now. :-)

    2. It has been such a blessing in my spiritual life and also teaching others- and helping them explore this spiritual visio diving

    3. well I was trying to write visio divina- and that auto correct made it diving-- and I guess that is true too

  5. I found that if I take a Crayola Twistables Coloring Pencil and gently shade the background, the ink does a lot better at not bleeding through. I got mine at WalMart. Cheap enough!(Beth Viers)

    1. Beth- I love when we help each other out with something we have tried that works- THANKS

  6. I find it helps if I shade the background of the area to be written on with a Crayola Twistables Coloring Pencil before I write. I bought some at WalMart. They have a waxy kind of coating on them.

  7. Would you like to know where this concept originated. Visit my Pinterest page "Bible Art by Vicky Murphy" and watch the video from 1990.

    1. many of us have been writing and drawing in our Bibles for a LONG time-- so great to now have community!


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