Thursday, January 22, 2015

Bible Marginalia- Study Helps

Bible Marginalia Series- #51

Visited En Gedi again on this last trip.
David's hideout from Saul.
 A desert oasis by the Dead Sea.
Saul comes with 3000 men to find David here.
David spares Saul's life here.
1 Samuel 24

The journaling bibles that many of us
 are using do not have
 "study helps" or notes in them.
 The margin on this page was helpful
 to place what I had learned and seen
at En Gedi.

It is wilderness.
 It is thought the David 
might have written a number
 of his Psalms while here.

This level of land is 400 meters 
below sea level-
 is the lowest place on earth.
And here-
 as low as you can go- 
David finds refuge.
The landscape becomes
 a fortress and hideout.
The Lord meets David here.
He fills us in our most desolate places.
The Lord finds us hiding in 
"our caves-" 
 in the margins of our lives.
And in this space that frames our life-
He creates soul renewal.

 Colored pencil
Fine-pont Sharpie- non-bleeding

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