Friday, February 27, 2015

Bible Marginalia- Fully Restored

Bible Marginalia Series- #67

This is the journaling that
 goes along with the previous post- 
(about Tabgha.)
 Stories on the shore of the Sea of Tiberius.
John 21.
These words stand out for me--
Jesus to Peter.
Feed my sheep.
Follow Me.

This was the end of the chapter. 
(on the other side of the page).
I may have read this verse before.
 But it was a stunning statement 
when I pulled it out this way to read. 
It seems overwhelming to remember
 all the stories in the New Testament 
about Jesus and his ministry.  
Yet here- in this statement,
 I realize that my small human mind capacity
 could not fathom the extent and parameters 
of the ministry of Jesus while He was on earth.
We only know a PART of what Jesus did.

This is the back side of the page. 
So needed to problem solve using the margin here. 

Opted for a tip-in page using painted deli paper.
Simple -but a meaningful visual-
 it STAYS with me.
Some great black and clear stick-on images 
found at Tuesday Morning.
Remarks- Accents by American Crafts

Flowers cut out of Pottery Barn catalogs.
Target $1 Bin flags and alphas.
Attached with washi tape.
 Cardstock circle cut outs
Black permanent maker
 with signo uni white pen.


  1. I wanted you to know that your posts are so helpful to me. 1) Your directions are concisely written, yet so clear and well illustrated that my friend's 3rd grade grand-daughter easily follows them. 2) I truly appreciate the fact that you seem to embrace the adage, "Progress, not perfection." You show examples that are both successful, and "less so." Your supply lists are down to Earth, calling for materials that one might have on hand or that could be purchased at a reasonable expense. Your scriptural references and discussions are inspiring & thought provoking. AND your tone is both encouraging and helpful.
    I've read some sites that reeked w/an undertone of egotism, called for profe$$ional grade material$ and featured examples so Perfect that I, myself, have felt intimidated. (And, I'm an artist and retired art educator who taught art k-12 in public schools and who briefly was adjunct faculty at a community college till I moved to attend graduate school.)
    SO ... Just saying that I appreciate what you do and the way you do it. Thanks for sharing ~
    Blessings, Doree § :~D)>+

    1. Doree- thank you so much for your kind words----- It is so hard to know if any of this makes any different-- I am trying this out in community i my home and teaching this in various settings- but really believe this is in the "learning phase" for visio divina--- the main thing is reading God's Word, meditating on it, and finding the personal application, and SHARING that with others- so that is my primary purpose, finding others who connect this way just makes the experiment even more fun. I am working to help family's set this up as part of their faith education


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