Thursday, June 18, 2015

Learning about THE WOLFPACK story

The photo I never expected to see- 
the Reunion of the Reisenbichler Family.

Sometimes news just rocks your world.
And the story coming to light for me this week
 is THE WOLFPACK documentary 
out in selected theaters this week.
 The story also airs on 20/20 Friday-
 June 19 at 10 pm EST.

Susie Resisenbichler Angulo
 was my growing up friend.
Her dad was my teacher at 
Bethlehem Lutheran School, 
Ossian Indiana.
Her dad taught with my faith-in-law-
 William Denninger.
We had many sleepovers
 and knew each other's family well.
 We were part of the same confirmation class-
 7 girls and 4 boys.

Susie had been estranged from her family
 since sometime in the 1980's.
Life choices led her 
to a Hare Krishna connection.

Then the family lost track of her
 and have lived the past 25 plus years
 not knowing just what happened to her.
  Then we learn about an amazing story
 of sheltering
 and skewed life living 
 in New York City.
 Locked up in an apartment
 with very little interaction in the real world,
 the children have survived 
their personal life living by watching, 
and staging the movies 
that were their lens into the real world.

Now Susie and her six sons-
 ( she also has a daughter with Turner syndrome )
 have become the center of publicity - 
winning the Grand Jury Prize
 at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival award.
The documentary of the story 
of their lives was filmed
 over the past five years.

The very world they
 were to be protected from
has ironically become the center
 of many of their daily interactions.

20/20 has joined to tell the story
 of the family reunion in Michigan-
 where siblings, aunts and uncles and cousins 
meet the "lost family".
 A poignant and bittersweet 
celebration reunion.

I hunt for more and more of the story-
 trying to make sense of it all.
 Seeking to find and tell the little band 
of my 10 classmates
 from Bethlehem Lutheran School-
 "they found Susie".

So I will be wondering 
about Susie and her family
 and their hearts and lives and souls
 as this story unfolds across the nation.

Susie Reisenbichler
(sorry about the screen shot images)

I remember making dandelion necklaces
 in the back yard on the farm with Susie.
 We talked boys, exploring the world, 
and wondering where the call of adventure 
might take us.
As we lost touch in the years, 
she has often crossed my mind.
  I remember the fiercely independent 
young woman who was gonna head
 out to take on the world.
My prayer is that she remembers her roots-
her calling at Baptism,
 the Lord who loves her deeply,
and has never stopped seeking HER
in relationship.

I give thanks for the deep love
 that is easily seen with Susie
 and her children.
May her children 
be richly blessed in their own burgeoning
 into a world larger
 than their isolated growing up views.

For more of the story:


  1. Beautiful thoughts you've shared, Connie - I hope that you are able to reunite and share wonderful memories again, and perhaps discover that they knew God was with them during their time in their sheltered universe.

  2. As I read your post, thoughts of how very interconnected this big world can be are flooding my mind! God's grace is abundant and amazing!


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