Thursday, August 25, 2016

Bible Journaling- Psalm 27

Gathering some resources here.
A variety of approaches for time 
His Word.
Psalm 27- Sketch Notes
in a blank journal
 To divide up the space I made a border 
and then highlighted the verse
 I was seeing as MY focus 
for this time in God's Word.
More borders and doodles.
Much of the "notes" for this are from
The Message.
 Also spending time in the Inspire Bible.
In this Bible the design
 is already preprinted-like on the left side
 here in the margin.
This time I also added the words on the right-
The ONE thing.
Here is Bible Journaling from Oct 2014.
Actually sermon notes, 
with highlighted sections.

What I love about the resources
 available now for Bible Study
 and prayer time in God's Word
 is that there are so many
approaches and resources.
So many doorways in......

Sally Beck is a talented artiest
 that has been working with
 Visual Faith images
 over a long career. 
She was an illustrator 
for Creative Communications.
She shares her images for others to use.
They are available here with a
 Psalm 27 devotion by Natalie Hartwig.
DC Metro Bible Journaling- Files

Here is a sample of the Banner Design book 
from Sally Beck.
The simple designs for banners - 
without a lot of frou frou details
 make wonderful inspiration for Bible margins.
Though this book was published 18 years ago-
 it has wonderful help for anyone
 creating with Visual Faith.
Banners-Favorite-Bible-Verses-Sally Beck

Maybe there is something calling you
 to use Visual Faith tools 
for Prayer and time in God's Word.

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