Saturday, August 13, 2016

Praying the Psalms-4- Sketch Notes

Your steadfast Love is before my eyes!
Sometimes it is good 
to come back to a practice.
Sometimes it has been 
"reinvented" in the brief span of letting it rest.
I had a friend ask me in a conversation
 if I had seen any Bible sketch notes. 
When I looked it up on Pinterest, 
well it is the same thing I do-
 calling it Praying the Psalms.
My eyes are ever toward the Lord!
 I also call this practice- 
Psalm "CliffsNotes".
 In an 8 1/2" by 11" Sketch book.
The Lord of Hosts, He is the King of Glory.
I often take about a week 
to finish the one page study.
 Reading the Psalm in various versions.
Maybe a Martin Luther 
devotion about the Psalms.
I was kind of stuck on the 23rd Psalm.  
Then I saw this on the internet.
And it was just what was meaningful
 to me that week.
Psalm 22-
Tell your children so they
 hear the Good News!
Your great power is sufficient
to set me free from the 
things that hurt My Soul.
He can transform 
our failures into Victories.

Colored Pencils 
 Wine cork 
Stamping ink
 Fine Point Sharpie- Non-bleeding
 and Pottery Barn magazine cutouts.


  1. This is wonderful and how you wrote what the scripture means to you. I am going to write down the Lord is My Shepherd if you don't mind. I need that assurance deep down in my soul.

    1. You are most welcome to write down the Psalm 23 thoughts--- I got those from somewhere on the internet-
      it was a blessings to me and I wanted to keep those thoughts


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