Monday, October 10, 2016

Dexter Cider Mill

On a beautiful day- 
 oh -what to do?
How about a visit to the local 
Michigan Cider Mill in Dexter.
The mill is the oldest continuously
operating cider mill in Michigan.
Using locally grown apples 
and 3-5 varieties at a time,
 they are pressed in a 100 year old oak press.
Because each blend will be different, 
each press is unique.
The crowds line up 
for the homemade doughnuts, 
caramel apples and 
apple nut bread.

  The world is still green along 
the gently flowing Huron River.
The mill was placed here
 to serve the cider press.
 A mom and two of her daughters,
and two of the GRAND sons.
Water and little boys?
Gotta throw rocks.
Laura and Griffin.
 Jessica and Jack
Gigi and Jack
Laura Jack and Griffin
Hang on.

a ledge and a two year old
Got that.
Griffin and "the doughnut"-
and the line waiting to get their doughnuts too.
A brilliant blue sky and 
leaves turning red.
And a glistening river
 ripples into late afternoon.

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