Thursday, October 6, 2016

In Holy Conversation

Sang this hymn at an event this past weekend 
and loved the connection to prayer.
How marvelous, how wonderful is this gift of prayer.

Lutheran Service Book Hymn 772

In holy conversation we speak to God in prayer,
And at His invitation our deepest thoughts we share. 

We come, His will obeying, as children bringing needs; 
And to support our praying, His Spirit intercedes.
These holy conversations begin in child-like ways;
We bring our supplications and words of thanks and praise. 

With care our Father listens to every thought expressed, 
Then answers our petitions in ways He knows are best.
As holy conversation, in silence or by word,
In every situation through Jesus, we are heard.
So let us pray securely, expressing hopes and fears 

With confidence that surely our Father ever hears.

Text: Gregory J. Wismar (b. 1946) Rev. Wismar is a retired Lutheran pastor living in Newtown, CT. This text is copyrighted © 2004 by Gregory J. Wismar 


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