Sunday, December 11, 2016

Advent 15- Bind our Hearts

Bible Journaling Series- #212
Advent 15
Exodus 20:1-21
The Ten Commandments

What ties us to the Lord of the universe
 in a loving relationship?
The Ten Commandments.
How to Live Life, to Live Well,
 and Love Others Well.
The cross on the center of the 
tip-in (card flips up to read the words),
crosses to the New Testament story.
It is God's
 love, sending His son,
that rewrites our "sorry state" story
 of not fulfilling the commands of God.
By grace His great love, His heart for us, 
is the gift given in Jesus.
The Law fulfiller- when we cannot.
 The cross binds our hearts in Christian love,
 that we may extend that love to others.

Cardstock for tip-in
Washi tape
Colored pencils
Heart sticker
Fine-point Sharpie marker

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