Thursday, December 15, 2016

Advent 19- Prepare the Way

Bible Marginalia Series- #216
Luke 1
Prepare the Way

Isn't it amazing that any of us
 are privileged to be a part of
 the metanarrative story
 of Preparing the Way?
A wonder moment if I think
 about just what that means.
Zechariah and Elizabeth living out
 some rather unbelieveable "God Moments."

Thinking today about just how 
my choices work for preparing the way, 
or cluttering the journey.
For myself, my family, my neighbors
 and all the others I meet along the way.
A poignant thought 
in these days of "getting ready."

Cross stamped on cardstock
(to cover a messed up 
embossed angel that failed)
Acrylic paint- Target
Washi tape
Small manila tag
Fint-point non-bleed Sharpie pen
Stamps and ink
Small words (gift from a friend)

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