Monday, December 5, 2016

Advent 9- A Cry for Deliverance

Bible Journaling Series- #206
 Exodus 3

The verses right before this section- 
with the heading-
God Hears Israel's Groaning-
caught my attention.
 Sometimes Advent causes a lot of 
GROANING among the women
 I know and Love.
 Long lists, too much to do,
shopping, decorating,
preparing, shopping, cooking.
And we moan.
God heard the groaning of Israel-
and then here it is- God knew.
I don't remember reading this before.
God knew.
Now, the Israelites 
were moaning about slavery.
So let's keep the perspective here.
We- in our own freedom-
generally create our lists ourselves.
Some can't wait for the deliverance
 of the end of the Christmas season.
Something to think about.
Then it goes right into the
 Burning Bush story with Moses. 
And some pretty dramatic goings-on.
The angel of the Lord appeared to Moses
 in a flame of fire out of the midst of the bush.
Then God himself calls to Moses out of the bush.
Moses responds with- "Here I am."
Then the Lord reminds Moses
 he stands on Holy ground.
What if our Advent approach
 left the groaning behind,
and exchanged it for the 
reverence of Holy ground?
All because God knew-
we would get sidetracked
 and fall into fits of groaning-
no matter whatever enslaves us.
Time to take a deep breath
 and take off my shoes for Advent.

Prismacolor pencils
Faber-Castell PITT Artist pen

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