Monday, March 6, 2017

Lenten Practices- Along the Way

I have been doing a Lenten calendar
 journey every year since 2011.
Always interesting to SEE 
where the journey takes me.
My challenge this year-
  I have 3 calendars I wanted to use,
3 Lenten devotionals that I wanted to read.
This choice is with a Missional focus.
Find it here:
I like the Creative Communication
 Publications each year. 
Our church always has a selection
 to choose from for Lent.
Rev. Paul L. Maier is a very respected
 ancient history professor
 in the Lutheran Church -Missouri Synod
 and this was an easy choice.
Find it here:
Lent Creative Communications- Maier
 I always say YES to C.S. Lewis.
 So there you have it.
Done deal.
I pick out 4 colored pencils 
that I will use for each calendar.
Put each set in a page protector
 to keep things together.
I may sit down at different times
 in the day to Read, Reflect and Respond- 
to SEE how God's Word 
will Reach into my day and life.
Or I may have a longer space
 of time and do the readings
 in the same time frame.
Click here to find it:
I have also been searching out other 
Visual Faith resources
 to have on hand to share, 
and show at gatherings.
I like this book of images. 
They are ready to color, and
perhaps a bit more non-gendered
 than some Coloring books.
 My approach to using coloring books?
It doesn't have to be done in one season.
 It could be prayed over, colored in and completed
 over a number of seasons.
 Journey collected over time....

Lent Illustrated would work for a more 
traditional approach 
with a Bible Journaling application.
This also has some basic helps for beginners.
A good choice for a group.

Illustrated Children's Ministry 
is fairly new on the Visual Faith scene
 and they create products
 for church and family settings.
 I like the graphic dynamic of their images
 and also work as a more non-gendered option.
This set of  8 1/2 by 11 coloring pages for the
 Stations of the Cross comes as a downloadable set.
Pretty reasonable for 100 copies for $10.
Always good to make sure you give credit 
and due for the work of the artist. 
Thanks Adam Walker Cleveland.
This set is here:

So we are a few days into Lent- 
and it is not too late.
Pray about where you might want to focus.
And remember-
 that GRACE
 covers all of these practices and experiments.
Get behind? 
Start again, catch up and move forward.
 You can do THAT 
as many times as you need to!
Blessed Lent to you!

 You can get these calendars
 and more in the FILES section of the
 DC Metro Visual Faith Community on Facebook.

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