Friday, June 9, 2017

Living Blessed- Part 3

So --on a fine morning we gathered 4 boys.
Three of them born in 2016.
In varied moods and pliability.
 And you bribe with duckie, ball,
and brother.
                                                       And then one hollers-
so you are down to three.
 What do mean my treat is a baby brother?
I don't want to look at you anymore.
Hey, grownup, why are you jumping
 up and down and waving your arms?
I will take care of you, brother.
You're gonna be ok.
But, now I need to smell a flower.
Help! Help! 
One is escaping!
 Time to wrestle!
What do you mean we have to stay in the
 pack and play for three minutes?
I am not so sure 
of all of this camera stuff.
But, I sure like all 
the toys they have for me.
Wonder what they will have us do 
the NEXT time they get us all together?

It might be even more challenging
 to gather and seat this crew together-
it is all good.

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  1. Oh the wrestling...just wait! My sister Kerrie and I had our boys all within three years of each other...two matched sets...and the stories I could tell you! All happy, funny memories. We had our hands full, for sure!


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