Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Stroller Walking

 Sun have finally appeared
 a bit in Northen Virginia.
Time to head out in the neighborhood.
Fitbit steps- 
and an inventory of the blooming flowers.
 Lovely peony blossom
 dances in the warm sun.
 Falso indigo
 The street lights in the yards
 often boast a clematis vine.
Clematis- Nelly Moser

 Stopping to admire a beautiful peony.
A honeysuckle ready to burst open.
 So treasuring the days
 with THIS GUY-
Levi man.
I talk a lot-
 and sometimes he just listens-
 and waves his hands.
That's right- Gigi.
But we get it-- just hanging out- 
stroller walking.

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