Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Thanksgiving Garland 2021


The 2021 Meier tags for the Thanksgiving Garland

The garland idea was a great Keep the Faith project
 that began about 10 years ago. 
It started out with leaves, Bible verses and gratitude lists.
  Then the grandchildren started coming,
 so I began to add a photos for them for each year
 and a few words of just what they are doing for each year.

Then more grandchildren came along the way.
  I saw that busy mamas- and busy working mamas of littles-
 would have NO TIME to make the tags
 for each of their own family garlands.

The 2021 Schumacher Tags for the Thanksgiving Garland

So. I asked the mamas for 2 favorite photos of each child,
 a family photo and one with just the kiddos.
I make the tags for each family and leave a space
 for moms to add a note about each child.
 I also added some Scripture verses
 from the Thanks verse project by Sally Beck
 from Visual Faith Ministry. 
It may have been more of an art project ten years ago, 
but now it is assembly line and get them done.
 No need to add much more embellishment
 than some Distress ink.
The 2021 Wilson Tags for the Thanksgiving Garland

Each family adds their own tags
 to their growing tag garland.
The kids love looking at the photos 
from year to year with laughs and giggles.

The grownups can't believe how quickly the changes
 are happening in the little families.

I make a set for our own Thanksgiving garland. 
I put the 2 photos of each child 
on one tag- front and back. 
I added a heart tag that tells a bit 
about them THIS YEAR.
 Another tag for each family has parents
 and children on one side and just the kids on the other.

SO many blessings- and an expanding 
fatter and fatter garland is a very good thing.

Basic Garland Instructions
Thanks project- Sally Beck
#8 tags- Express tags
( they come in a box of 1000,
 so great for a group event)
Yarn and scrapbook paper
Various Distress ink 

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