Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Marking the Sign Posts

Christ is Risen by friend and folk artist Gloria McCloud-
This cross has graced our outdoors for over 15 seasons

JESUS LIVES!!!   A craft show purchase
A yard flag gift for Easter 2012 from dear friend
 and neighbor Lee Berson.
 For Holy Week I had it turned so the crosses stood out
 and  on Holy Saturday turned it
around and the crosses are still visible
 but the lilies proclaim the Good News Story.
Baby birds in the front porch nest 4 days ago.
 ( and all the dirty mess of the little ones)
Even as we move into the Easter Season and farther from Lent
 I am still liking the signs that mark
 the outdoor living space of our home. 
They proclaim the Good News silently to all who approach
 and bless those who understand the lifestyle that Easter Life brings each and every day. 
And in the yard tour I continue to find other Spring notices.
And the little ones FOUR days later-
incredible changes in that amount of time
The early Tree peonies in bloom
The deutzia bush in full bloom

And the Miss Kim Lilac is gearing up to wave and nod at Spring
Sign post markings all around -
 His Grounds
 His Territory- 
His abundant New Life

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