Monday, September 23, 2013

Book of Graces

Catching up.....
Telling about making the Book of Graces.

First of all - find a book that you like the print
 and color of the pages.
Maybe the color of the cover.
Although you will just see the edges.

Can keep it simple.
 Just folded pages in half- 
toward each other.
Started in the center and 
worked my way out to the edges.

The pages form a rolodex of sorts-
 ready for tucking in all sorts of things.

Printed off--- Book of Graces
in a font I liked.
Used distress ink to age the paper.
Then Mod Podge to add it to the page

Then took some Ann Voskamp quotes-
 from a retreat earlier this year
and placed them on card stock.
added some dimensional embellishments.

Kate Su made a beautiful project 
at Creative Haven last month.

Liz Murphy took prayers on slips of paper 
out of her prayer jar and
added cardstock to them
 and now they are easy to see -
 and easy to bring to prayer time.

Another guest made a book to hold greeting cards.
With a different fold,
 a book is ready to hold cards for a special
celebration event- 
Anniversary, or Just Because.

Found these cool door knobs at Anthropologie.
The finishing touch.
Just hot glued them in -
wrapped paper around the bolt
and slipped it into the space
in the spine.

Need to give credit to Monica Sabolla-Gruppa-
where I originally saw this idea..
Beautifully done and photographed.
in Somerset Magazine.
and the story in this blog post-

Maybe you would like to make a Book of Graces?


  1. I want to make one for Abundant Joy. Great idea! This turned out great and love the quotes from Ann.

  2. I will send you an email with the quotes all ready to go..

  3. Love this and would love to get those quotes too!

    1. Friend me on FB- Connie Denninger--- and then we can connect so I can send them to you


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