Wednesday, July 30, 2014

eformation--When the Message is the Same

#1 in the eformation Series

I have a sister that has a green thumb, 
and happens to work at a landscaping business.
She has access to great raw material
 for planting flower containers,
and uses a fearless good-eye for combinations.

Then explores some great containers-
like this old wash tub. 

My time visiting with her last week
 has me stewing about plants and containers.
 Seeing snippets of this,
 as it relates to the eformation2014 conference
 that I attended in June-
 at Virginia Theological Seminary in Alexandria, VA.
Got to meet and hear many of the authors that I had 
read in my research last summer- 
about Social Media Gospel.

eformation is learning about the
 electronic spiritual formation technology
 that God has advanced 
for the sake of His kingdom.
 It is the same message-
 but the method changes.

It might be the same ole message (plant)
but when packaged together (container),
someone, somehow just might see it differently.
A fern looks different when nestled 
against an unusual
companion-Persian Shield,
 and catches the eye of someone
 who might otherwise miss it. 
The common and ordinary
 finds itself with a new neighbor,
 and perhaps a new conversation.

The tension the church faces as it ventures
 into the social media realm
 is the fear of not being "in control"
 of how and where and when
 the message gets shared.
Perhaps something found normally
 in the "shade"
has new found light.

Or, the movement is maybe a bit "wilder"
as the message of Jesus Christ-
Lord and Savior
for ALL people,
 dances with the power and whimsey 
of the Holy Spirit.

When our lens is changed,
and we step back to see the overall vision,
maybe we can begin to see that this obedience to
share the centuries old message
 of the Love of Jesus
 for His people,
will not be dishonored,
 if we group it a bit differently
 than has ever been done before.

I believe it is worth the risk
 of every mistake we might make,
 to repackage this gift,
 for the sake of those
 who have never seen it quite like that before.

Are you ready to plant some new combinations,
that just might allow the Holy Spirit free-reign
for the sake of the Kingdom of God?


  1. Oh my dear friend, I like this post. You may not have a green thumb, but your words bloom with fresh amazing color allowing us to enjoy their unique aroma for goo, for so much good. Thank you.

  2. Love the connections you make and your sister is a plant artist!

  3. Ok, I'm ready for part two. How can the message be packaged in a new light without changing what God's word actually says? I'm old school. It's a shocking revelation given that I would have been right at the head of the, Change it Up movement just a few short years ago. Please say more! :)

    1. will be doing more writing on this- "new light" could simply be a different venue- perhaps sharing Bible verses on Pinterest that others might see His Word- though they might never open a Bible. some of the same issues as when Lutheran Hour moved its message to the new medium of television……..

  4. Thanks for helping "spread the good news in new ways," Connie. Glad you made it to the conference and are offering these great reflections. I was particularly struck by how technology helped this post come alive: the full-color photographs combined with your poetic narration told a story that words or pictures alone would not have captured.

    1. thanks- Kyle! it is about what we do TOGETHER-----


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