Saturday, February 14, 2015

Bible Marginalia-With Confidence

Bible Marginalia Series- #61

A section at the end of Hebrews-
a place to highlight just one verse.
A time to see this Lord-
 who will never leave me or forsake me.
So that with confidence I can say:
The Lord is my helper.
I will not fear.
What can man do to me?

The two page layout in Hebrews

For my 60th birthday 
I was blessed to spend it
 with my three daughters.
We had fun spending time sharing
 what we are learning
 in our journey of writing in the margins-
in our Bibles.
What a splendid gift-
 the treasure of this time together.


  1. You just always bless my heart with your postings! Thank you for your blog!

  2. I do not see comment, unsure if it went thru. I want to buy a bible like the above ones you have what kind of bible are those? love the idea and love the space they offer. Thanks and Blessings Christina Bacon

  3. There are two different ones here -a Crossways ESV and an NIV printed in England... Today I tried to help a friend find one like mine--- the Crossways single column with leaves stamped on the cover---they are all out, out of stock, on order, and most sites won't have them till June and some September. I feel so bad for all the people trying to get a journaling bible...are you part of Shanna Noel's Journaling Bible Community? maybe we can ask there. My friend is going to order the one she likes on Amazon and they will just ship it when it gets in!


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