Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Holy Spirit You are Welcome Here

Holy Spirit You are Welcome Here
Baptism Day for Levi Michael Wilson
The Shepherd Rejoicing
 over one of His Lambs

The Baptismal Font with the WATER, 
the Candle,
 the cloth (White Garment)
the Shell for Sprinkling the Water

Baptism Banner
Prince of Peace Lutheran Church
Springfield, VA
The Shell - A symbol of Baptism
On Holy Saturday
And all the images that capture Easter 
Grandpa's Guitar
Singing Jesus Loves Me Together
Levi likes hanging out with mom and dad
Deborah Wilson- Grandmother
The Wilson Family
Mom and Dad- Sara and Joshua
Deborah Wilson
Michael Wilson- Grandfather
Papa and Gigi Denninger
The Promises of all the Grandparents 
to support this young family
Deborah with the three Wilson Men
with Officiant Pastor Carl Gnewuch-
Senior Pastor at Prince of Peace
Lutheran Church.
Grandpa Denninger .was honored to 
baptize Levi
Laura and Joshua Schumacher- 
Godparents in Absentia
Hugs are just the best
The cross that brings meaning to 
He is Risen indeed!
A snuggle from Daddy
Celebration Easter cupcakes 
and the Faith Chest to tell the 
Faith Journey Story

Baptism Canvas designed by Mom- Sara Wilson
Visual Reminders of the Special day
and a copy of the Baptism Service for the Faith Chest

A Gathering together on
Easter Day.

So much to celebrate.

Joshua and Laura and Griffin
and a Michigan Easter 
Aunt Jessica and Uncle Dan with
Hello Spring smiles.
And giving thanks for ALL.
The Song that blesses this day-
Holy Spirit You are Welcome Here.


  1. Love this, thank you for sharing!

  2. Thank you for sharing your joy! God is so very, very good!

    1. Thank you Patti- you are right-- He is very good!


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