Sunday, October 2, 2016

Faith Life Living Cards

  In conversations lately since 
Concordia Publishing House
 presented the Catechism teaching cards.
Research is all over the place 
about how we learn.
But the given is:
we don't ALL learn the same way.
As educators and parents 
work for teaching faith life living principles
 in Lutheran schools and homes,
we must also be in conversation 
about the HOW.
Faith Family Rolodex
About ten years ago, 
I found myself needing to find a way
 to help parents REVIEW words 
so that they could teach their children.
Out of those interactions 
came the Faith Family Rolodex.
The story is here:
Rolodex Faith Words
are in the FILES section here:
DC Metro Bible Journaling

(this pdf is made for the rolodex project-
to adapt it for the playing cards
just tear off the indented part needed for the rolodex)

a deck of cards, 
square punched cardstock to cover card images,
double sided sticky tape,
 Distress ink,
 hole punch and O rings
Out of that resource is an adaptation
of the same faith vocabulary words
 put on Dollar Store playing cards. 

They are punched and placed on binder rings.
What would it LOOK LIKE 
if a family (or school, or Confirmation class) 
were working TOGETHER
to teach the meaning of the words?
Yes, ideal maybe, but Martin Luther's 
prayer for families.
  Just have to adapt the depth
 of the conversation
 in the years of learning with a child. 
This tool might be a help for 
parochial schools working
 with a year by year vocabulary list.
(or if this was part of a 2-3 year 
confirmation program)
A deck of cards works very well
 for this project 
or any Bible Verse memory project.
  They are sturdy, 
meant to be handled, cost effective, and
$1 at the Dollar Store.
They are effective as an additional tool 
for learning because they are visual,
 tactile and kinesthetic 
in the making and later use.
All in all- 
a way to learn that benefits 
multiple learning styles, 
allows interaction with parents,
and helps a leader to add hands-on learning
 to their curriculum objectives.
Small tags- Staples
or online here: avery shipping tag

O Rings or binder rings- Staples and Amazon
online here: Nickel binding rings

Tim Hiltz Distress ink for edges
 of vocabulary words and tags
 Wal Mart of any craft store
Online here: Tim Holtz Distress inks
Wal Mart or any Craft Store

3 inch binder ring for hanging  
all word file lists- 
Amazon3-Inch-Diameter-Silver Rings

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