Friday, September 14, 2012

Legacy Prayer

Cherubs in the Garden-
Always reminds me of our Three daughters

And the life focus to See Them: in Our Eternal Home

And the influence of my mother- Katherine
Who never failed to Give God the Glory
 and remind me of God's faithfulness

And it is never mediocre but always GREAT
And gave encouragement
as we tried to figure out how to live as FAMILY

because she surrounded her children with circles of prayer. 
And I was reminded me of how this looked with the writing 
of Mark Batterson from  Praying Circles Around Children:

Parents are praying the promises of God around their children. They are interceding for future spouses, believing for miracles, and praying a hedge of protection around their children. And parents aren't just praying that God will keep their kids safe; they are also praying that He will make them dangerous for His purposes so they can make a difference for their generation. That is the kind of prayer God loves to answer. May God raise up a generation of circle makers who will pray hard, pray bold and pray through!

And in Legacy prayer I pray that our children will make a difference
 in this generation and in the one to come!

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