Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Bible Marginalia- Devoted


Bible Marginalia
Enduring Word Bible
Acts 2:42-27

I always love to see when time in God's Word 
crosses over teaching sessions. I was looking 
at this section last year 5-14-2020 
when doing some training with Dionne Lovstad-Jones
 from Lutheran Hour Ministries. 
She helped us to frame our faith world 
with encouragement to be "eager conversationalists"
 about our faith in Jesus. 
Last week was our final immersion in the D2MC
  (Discipleship to Missional Community) 
training with PLI-(Pastoral Leadership Institute.)
They use the triangle of Up, In and Out 
to frame spiritual formation.
Our relationship with our Father- UP, 
our own Spiritual formation with our family- IN, 
and our relationships with Others- OUT. 
In the setting of the look at the 
apostles living out their faith that becomes-
 Passionate Spirituality-UP, 
Radical Community-IN 
and Missional Zeal-OUT.  
 The main difference between the Biblical apostles
 and us in this modern age?
The apostles had the expectation of the miraculous.
I have thought about that the past few days.
I am praying about leaning in to
expect miracles.

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