Monday, January 3, 2022

Scripture Doodles- December 2021


Scripture Doodles - for December 2021
Still using the devotional-  The Reservoir by Renovate.
AS I look back over these devotions
 in these uncertain and unsettled times-
 the word that comes forward for this month is:

SO many things I cannot be sure of these days:

 Health, travel, events, economy.

SO many things I can be sure of in these days:

God's love, eternal life, and unending grace-

 to name a few.

If I sit down to make my list,

 the ASSURED list is far greater.

That is what I will hang on 

to for this new year of 2022.


Concordia Publishing House calendar

4 colored pencils

Fine-point Sharpie gel pen

Traveler's Notebook

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