Thursday, February 26, 2015

Tabgha- Israel Pilgrimage 2

 a shortened Arabic word
 for the Greek word Haptapagon.
translated as Seven Springs.
A place along the Sea of Galilee 
where springs feed the Sea 
with warmer water that creates algae 
and a fish feeding paradise.
Thus a hangout for fisherman.
On the shore of pebbles near the church
 in Tabgha are Heart stones. 
 Our tour leader said that even a few years ago
 they were not seen because water covered them.
Perhaps they were anchors for fishing poles.

This shoreline is significant
 because it is the general vicinity
 where many accounts take place in the Gospels.

This visit I was focused on the story of Jesus
 appearing after His Resurrection-
 as told in John 21.
Not knowing what else to do- 
the disciples go out fishing.
When your world turns upside down- 
sometimes we have to fall
 into the comfort of an old routine.
Unfortunately-for the disciples-
 the same old story- 
fishing all night and catching no fish.

Someone calls from the shore-
"Throw your next on the right side, 
and you will find some."
That sounds a bit Deja Vu`.
So many they can't haul it in.
Peter jumps into the water and swims ashore.
The rest slowly row and haul in 153 fish.
And join Jesus by the campfire-
 where He has breakfast all ready.

Later, a conversation that Peter
 has with Jesus changes his life course.
Jesus brings restoration to Peter.
His messed up life and choices
 will be fully redeemed
 by the death and new life of Jesus.
For each of the three times 
that Peter had denied Jesus-
 he is given a chance to declare
 his love for Jesus.
Do you love me?
Peter has a job to do-- Feed my Sheep.
It will not be easy.
But, above all else- FOLLOW ME.

                                                                                                          John at water's edge.

I give thanks to God in this Lenten season- 
that I too have the story of full restoration by Jesus.
My Baptism promise.
With the very same outstretched hand-
Follow ME.

The Tabgha site has the 
Church of the Primacy of St. Peter
and also the Church of the Multiplication.
These blog posts tell a bit more
 about what you might see at this site in Israel.

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