Thursday, December 17, 2015

Courage Gift- Advent 19

Courage Gift- Advent 19

Thinking a lot about this 
donkey journey this Advent.
Youngest daughter is 8 months pregnant.
Hearing about the aches 
and pains and discomfort.
And she is not planning 
a four-legged transportation
jaunt in the next few weeks.
Mary and Joseph and a calling 
to register in Bethlehem.
And you just go and do what you need to do.
It is not an easy trip to Bethlehem from Nazareth.
Nothing is flat in Israel.
You are either going uphill or downhill.
And the rocks.
Tricky footing and complicated routes.
Just to navigate the terrain.
Oh this mom and dad to be-
they set out with courage.
As I look at anything challenging in my life-
Lord, pour courage into me.
Give me journey to Bethlehem courage.

This statue was carved in Bethlehem
at the Nissan Brothers studio
 and given to us by
Rick Rickart of Imagine Tours.

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