Monday, March 28, 2016

Lenten Journey 2016

Lenten Journey 2016
Devotion Book- 
Pauses for Lent by Trevor Hudson
Calendar design- Patricia Maier

Once again I followed the discipline 
of one word a day 
for the liturgical season of Lent.
I have been doing this practice
 for five years now.
It is interesting for me to see how
 differently each year has been 
tied to words and thoughts for prayer.

The idea for this practice follows my learning
 about visual prayer and how the 
actual kinesthetic work of writing binds
 these words into Spirit.
Then they are recalled throughout the day
 for prayer reflection or serve 
as an alert to the words- in the world.

At the beginning of a prayer calendar- 
I choose 4 colored pencils 
and that is the simple way I deal
 with the distraction of "choosing a color".

The blessing of this practice has been 
the set aside time for reflection 
and also for putting aside the onslaught 
of the "to-do" list for a moment of quiet.

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