Monday, April 21, 2014

Lent 2014 calendar

The past few years I have kept this as part of my Lenten practice-
 the one word a day visual for my Lenten journey.

This year I read a Lenten devotional called
 Christ Our Hope
 with excerpts
 from the writings of 
Henri J.M. Nouwen.

Praying as I went throughout this time of reading
 and looking at the Biblical applications that one word 
would be the highlight focus for my day.

It has proved to be a powerful visual description
 as well as the collection of words that make this 
Spiritual Discipline
a great tool for me in my faith life walk.
It has been a blessing.

I downloaded this calendar from Sybil McBeth's blog here-
praying in color calendar

I have completed my walk in Israel for Lent,
 and up to Jerusalem for Holy Week.
There are more sites that I will be describing
 in the next few weeks of our time in Israel- 
but they may be interspersed with other life happenings.

Like---- I have my first Grandchild this month!!!!!


  1. I love your calendar and the motivation behind it! A joyous Eastertide to you and your growing family. Sybil

  2. thanks Sybil- as always- the inspired gift of your heart sharing continues to touch so many others in the Kingdom


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