Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Worship into the Week- Temptation

Worship into the Week- 
Lectionary C
(for March 10, 2019)
Luke 4:1-13

The Temptation of Jesus.
Time in the wilderness.
Part of the significance here is the contrast 
for what Jesus was able to do- 
resist Satan- that Adam and Eve could not.
Things were going to be different.
This section of Scripture shows Jesus
 as anointed by God, 
representative of humanity
 and faithful to God.
Satan sees the new rules of the quest.
Jesus is fully dependent on His Father.
and HIs Heavenly Father is faithful to him.
It is no easy life in the wilderness
 outside of Jerusalem.
Desolate and barren-
as depicting a life 
without a relationship with Jesus.
Jesus is able to both withstand 
the temptation and rebuke Satan- 
because of his connectedness
 to a higher guidance.
We are reminded that our feeble attempts
 to resist Satan on our own will be futile.
We too, must depend and be fully reliant
 on the power of a higher guidance-
our own reliance on our Heavenly Father.

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