Friday, July 3, 2015

and they're GONE!

Just been loving these
 day lilies in my yard-
 soft and rich peach tones
with white stripes.

And then the violet hued phlox 
hold the eye in the background.

grabbed a shot in Waterlogue

But the deer must have got
 into the yard last night. 
We rarely have that problem here-
 too many fine houses on the 
wood's perimeter- to bother our yard.
All the blooms for this coming week
 have been eaten off.
 Some blossoms chomped
 with the last inch left
 as a sad reminder of what might have been
 the blooms for the 4th of July.
 Just can't take a picture of that.

I almost went into the yard
 at the edge of dusk last night
 to snap a couple of photos.
 Too distracted-- too tired to bother-
 and now it is too late.

 Just a bit of a reminder-
 to grab each moment and savor--
you just never know.

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