Saturday, July 25, 2015

Bible Marginalia- Give Thanks and remember

Bible Marginalia Series- #113

Finishing up in 1 Chronicles Chapter 16
This is connected to the last posting in Chronicles.
  The work in this Chapter
 started about 6 months ago.
 This margin reflects David's Song of Thanks 
when the ark of God 
was set inside the tent that David
 had pitched for it,
Prayer time was spent in a doodle
 around the rub-on words.

Sometime I find that the work
 is "in progress,"
 and that is OK.

 Verse 15......
  I was struck by the number of verbs
 in God's command to David.
Remember. Sing. Tell.
Declare. Ascribe. Worship. 
Tremble. Give Thanks.
Because HIS LOVE 

Think that is our daily To- Do list.
 Sounds like our Lord is expecting
 a bit more than a one-hour Sunday time slot.
I always need to repent
 and regroup and begin again.

Chapter 16 then ends with this post-

The margin pages here were done
 with experiments in using 
"easy to use" or "adapt" materials
 for Bible Journaling. 
The Give thanks is a rub on
 in the Scrapbooking archives.
  Wanted to see how it worked
 to use graph paper
 to do the writing sideways in the margin.

Both are simple and effective margin tools.

Bible verse Stamp and ink
 Graph paper
Fine point Sharpie non-bleeding pens- Black and Purple
 Colored pencils

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