Saturday, July 11, 2015

Bible Marginalia- Seek Good

Bible Marginalia Series- #110

Today my heart is heavy.
Right before I was going to hit publish
 on this post I saw the news on FB
 that Bible Journaler and designer Heidi Swapp 
lost one of her sons.
For this section in Amos I had used 
some of the hearts and butterflies 
that come in one of her packets
 of embellishments.
I sat down and reread the words.

the GOD of hosts shall be with you.

I almost deleted the post.  
Then I read back over it
 and saw that in some ways this post
 is a prayer for the SWAPP family.
 For the heart of a momma 
who has sought the LORD.
For a family in deep loss.
To KNOW- that the LORD, 
the GOD of HOSTS
shall be with them ALL. 

 As I looked at the page,
 I saw the heart filled with LOVE.
  The butterflies ascending-
Reminders of ETERNAL LIFE.

Nothing on this earthly journey matters 
other than the relationships we hold dear.
And we are often reminded that our
 children are ours for AWHILE.
  To Heidi Swapp and her family-
 we hold you in our prayers.
This post is to bring light to honor
 the way that you have touched many lives.
And today- across the miles-
 we hold you close in our hearts.
 as we lift you all to the Heavenly Father. 
May His Grace surround you 
with His abundance-
 beyond our man understanding.

 Heidi Swapp embellishments
Shell and Aqua acrylics- Target
 Bible verse sticker
 Pink Washi tape

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  1. I am glad you pushed the post button. Thank you, Belinda Bost


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