Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Bible Marginalia- When Hope Becomes a Tree of Life

Bible Marginalia Series- #108

Well, I finally joined in the acrylic paint 
cheer section.
I saw a FB post about
 the new line of paints at Target.
So was planning to use a clear sticker 
for this verse in Proverbs.
So many things to ponder here.
 Can easily do a margin for each couplet.

But I loved looking at the health
 and wellness of hope.
It can be life altering to be without HOPE.
It can be life altering to have HOPE.
Lots of images there.
But, I don't really draw trees.
So... paint, and paint.
Bright paint.
It was easy to spread 
with the old credit card method.
I used a dab on a paper plate -
about the size of the TIP of my little finger.
Dipped the credit card edge 
in and simply swiped it over the page.

I like how sheer the paint is.
My personal preference
 is to still see the words underneath the paint.
 Lesson learned:
don't forget to put a "save sheet" 
(piece of scrap paper)
 underneath the page to protect the edge
 of the Bible from extra dabs of paint.

Colors of paint on this page
 were Shell and Leaf.
They were $1.99 each.
  The display was very picked over, 
and the store was wiped out in some colors.
(Is everyone in Northern Virginia
 doing Bible Journaling and getting these paints?)
I purchased the SATIN paint in these colors.
I added a few images of a
 simple flower stamp in blue.
The paint dried very quickly 
and this was a very simple margin (page) addition.
More time to read and reflect.
Skill level for this:  BEGINNER- EASY.

Was happy with the BACK side of this page- 
very little bleed-through or shadow images.
All in all- pleased with the paint experiment.
Think I will try this out for 
more Bible prayer time this week.

Hand- Made Modern acrylic paint
(Target Craft Section)
Bible verse sticker
(Ancient stash)
Flower stamp
(Michael's Deal Bins)
Dye Ink Pad- Marine
(Recollections brand- old stash)

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